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  1. G

    Question about noise my pc makes

    I have recently installed some components and after a few days my computer makes a buzzing noise on occasion, it stops when I pat or touch the case and or water cooler (im not suggesting that its the water cooler). The noise occasionally starts when I touch the case in general. I checked all...
  2. K

    Question is the intel 660p worth it?

    I was looking at getting my first SSD so i was looking at the 500gb SATA 860 Evo but noticed that (at least in Sweden) the intel 660p NVME drive is cheaper, and after looking at some reviews it isn't the fastest NVME drive in the world but its obviously faster then the 860 Evo and that it only...
  3. K

    Question using a rgb controller with another companys products

    well the title says it all can you use a RGB controller with another company's products but il be more specific I'm currently buying an ml240r from cooler master and a p350x from phanteks. I only have some ARGB header on my motherboard and the ml240r comes with an RGB controller could I use that...
  4. T

    Question What GPU should i get for my rig and should i change some parts?

    I've been looking forward to buying parts for a new gaming rig and i need your help deciding if i should buy these. And most importantly what GPU should i get? Im planning to play on atleast 1080p 75fps+ on high to ultra settings. These are the parts i'm planning to buy: Case: Fractal Design...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] First PC build ever. Greatly appreciate any help, info, comments or concerns.

    Hello everyone. I just would like to start by saying this is my very first post ever to any forum on any website. So apologies about any misunderstandings. Also this is my first PC build ever. I will be having a friend who's done builds before help me so I won't be going in blindly. I found a...
  6. WrektGlitch

    AMD Temps High

    I'm running an AMD FX-4300 with a Deepcool Captain 120, and a ThermalTake Riing 120MM fan on the rad. Mounting is interior rear case fan slot, fan > rad > case, blowing out. I know that with that configuration, I can expect temps to be a touch higher than a push/pull or cold air through the rad...