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  1. FishHead0012

    Question Need help with first PC build. Thanks :)

    Hi there, I'm building my first PC for gaming and work purposes. I currently have an ultrawide 1440p 120Hz monitor and would like to optimize it. Should I go for AMD or Nvidia? Is liquid cooling better? I'm not that experienced in the world of PC building, so I really appreciate any help...
  2. D

    Question AIO Cooling or Air Cooling

    I asked something similar a while back but after reading around and talking with others, I've got some more questions on this topic. I'm really wanting to upgrade from my current PC to something newer, mine is about 3 years old but the problem for me just simply upgrading parts, is I'm going to...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] will being bottlenecked affect fps?

    So I currently am running a ryzen 5 2600, 6c/12t, with an rtx 3060, and am looking to upgrade my cpu to either a ryzen 7 5800x or a ryzen 9 5900x, and am aware of the enourmos gpu bottleneck running a ryzen 9 with a 3060, so am wondering, will that bottleneck get me worse frames than my current...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Comparison Question for Wife's Birthday

    Hi everyone, Below is two towers that I'm looking at buying for my wife. They're a bit higher performance than what she needs (e.g., internet/social media surfing, Sims games), but figured I'd ask to see if anyone knows of any glaring problems with either one of these systems, before I choose...
  5. Jxck_KV

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 5600x

    Hi! This is my first thread post and i'm asking a general question I brought a CPU from Currys PC World, (Ryzen 5 5600x) I built the PC like 10 days ago and yesterday the PC decides to completely cut out, I assumed a simple restart would do. To my own discovery it didnt. I undone the pc...
  6. BraxtonJ30456

    Question Need a Electronic Repair Business to answer a few questions for my college final

    Hello, my name is Braxton and I currently studying IT at a university. For my final, for my INFO1120 class, I need to interview a company that I would be interested in as a career. I need a company (not a hobbyist) that deals with electronic repairs and/or deals with computer building or...
  7. F


    I am building my first gaming pc after selling mine a few years back. I wanted a 3080 but will work with what I picked until stock is up. I plan to stream and make videos on it (obv will be better with the 3080) and also do school work on it. I only have a laptop from hp that can handle school...
  8. klamx

    [SOLVED] 1080 SC GTX EVGA Caught on smoke almost on fire

    Hello, yesterday I had a problem, and I burned my card and I wanted to find out what happened, if my computer is safe or is I really likely to burn another card. The thing is the following I have many doubts and I would like answers to this. And I want the community to give me good answers and...
  9. 7

    I can't sell my laptop no matter how hard i try

    As of two months ago I've been trying to sell my laptop to pay for my college tuition, the only people i attracted where scammers and low ballers.I reduced the price as much as i possibly could so that i could still pay off this semesters tuition but still nothing. I've been trying to sell on...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Intel Core I9-9900K 3.60 gHz.... Normal Temps

    I am asking as to being new to this and would actually like a basic run down of this. My younger sibling likes to play roblox quite a bit and a game which gets the cpu in what I think is hot is Arsenal up to 53 degrees C. In a way I am aware the roblox platform is very unoptimized. I keep all...
  11. bobjackieson

    [SOLVED] Archer T2U Plus Out of the box?

    Need this for my new build and don't have a disc drive to install the drivers. Will this allow me to use the Internet long enough to download them?
  12. M

    [SOLVED] RX-590, MSI 970A-G43 compatability

    Hey guys dumb question, was wondering if a Sapphire Radeon RX-590 8GB would be compatible with my current motherboard which is a MSI 970a-g43. And if not if there are any comparable suggestions you guys may have? Thank you in advance.
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Best Budget Motherboard

    HI everyone, im in my mid teens and have a huge interest in building computers. The problem I can't overcome today is the fact that I don't whats the best motherboard to get. It needs to be LGA775 and support PC3-10600U ram ( hopefully more than 4gbs), and lastly it has to be micro atx, I work...
  14. I

    Question Would it be possible to cool a CPU & mother board with water cooling but use air cooling for all other parts?

    I just wanted to know if this is possible as I am planning on building a PC with insane overclocking (maybe 4.9GHz) and I wanted to know what I would need as well if it were to be possible to do both water and air cooling (water cooling for CPU/Motherboard and Air cooling for GPU, SSD, etc). Any...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] Will that set up be ok?

    Intel Core i5-9400F Asus GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Expedition OC Asrock B365 Phantom Gaming 4 G.Skill Aegis 8GB DDR4-3000MHz Samsung 860 Evo 500GB Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W It's my first time building a gaming PC, any advice will be appreciated
  16. M

    Question Need some RGB experience

    Hello all, I am planning on a massive upgrade to my whole computer in the next two or three months. I will have a custom liquid cool loop which i have experience in but i am trying to jump on the RGB bandwagon but i am confused a bit. The simple question is i want to put a ton of rgb fans (I...
  17. V

    Question resolution or refresh rate?

    Heyo. I am sitting here by my pc and are currently going mad at my monitor. This is mostly due to the fact that the one I am dealing with at the moment is horrible. The screen is way to big for starters and the resolution on it is really wierd. (1768 x 992). Anyway, now I am looking at buying...
  18. G

    Question Computer boots 1 stick of RAM but not 2...

    I need help. So recently I upgraded (see: mostly new build) my PC with newer parts. I say newer since it's a combo of new and used parts. Problem I'm having is only ONE stick of RAM is reading. When I put two sticks in, the computer turns on, but won't boot at all. And I'm getting a...
  19. K

    Question is the intel 660p worth it?

    I was looking at getting my first SSD so i was looking at the 500gb SATA 860 Evo but noticed that (at least in Sweden) the intel 660p NVME drive is cheaper, and after looking at some reviews it isn't the fastest NVME drive in the world but its obviously faster then the 860 Evo and that it only...
  20. K

    Question using a rgb controller with another companys products

    well the title says it all can you use a RGB controller with another company's products but il be more specific I'm currently buying an ml240r from cooler master and a p350x from phanteks. I only have some ARGB header on my motherboard and the ml240r comes with an RGB controller could I use that...
  21. A

    Question Hunt on The CPU Under Minimal Price

    Are there any decent budget CPU's outside or within Europe?
  22. TotallyWafflez

    [SOLVED] First PC build, anything I should change?

    Having always used laptops, I've always wanted to build a custom PC, and am finally ready to do it. Will be using it for gaming (preferbly on high - ultra graphics at 60fps), video editing (currently using lightworks (, but am looking at getting premire pro), photo editing (using...
  23. Hynic

    [SOLVED] Help With Gaming PC Build

    Hi all, After a long time, I am looking to build a new pc next month and I need help with choosing components for it. At the moment I have AMD Phenom II x4 945, 8 gigs of ram and Zotac 660 GTX. This is mainly gaming and entertainment pc only. My build atm: CPU: Intel i5-8600 (Is it worth going...
  24. R

    [SOLVED] First PC build ever. Greatly appreciate any help, info, comments or concerns.

    Hello everyone. I just would like to start by saying this is my very first post ever to any forum on any website. So apologies about any misunderstandings. Also this is my first PC build ever. I will be having a friend who's done builds before help me so I won't be going in blindly. I found a...
  25. A

    [SOLVED] Budget gaming pc build

    Hey...I'm building a budget gaming pc, I have the parts for it...could you guys help me make it cheaper and if I can get make it better build? The build R5 2600 Msi b450 tomahawk Cirsair vengeance 16gb ram ADATA ultimate su800 128gb ssd 1tb hard drive Gigabyte GeForce 1050 2gb oc gpu...
  26. W

    Cannot reinstall AMD graphics drivers

    A month ago my pc crashed while playing a game, then it wouldn't boot up. I found out the reason why it wouldn't boot is because of the graphics drivers, so I uninstalled it and then my pc would start up normally again. But as soon as I try to reinstall the drivers, my screen goes black and my...
  27. arif1752002m4a1

    Need help to run PC for 24x7.

    I need to run my PC 24x7. What should I need to change on it. Specs in short. I3 6098p with stock cooler. 2x4GB DDR4 2133mhz. GA h110m ds2 Coolermaster MWE 450 80+ white Msi gt 1030 lp oc. 120 GB gigabyte sss
  28. S

    Razer Blackwidow rz03-0039 cord replacement

    Does anyone know where to find a replacement cord for my keyboard? the one i have is the non back light non ultimate one that needs a 4 pin cable thanks
  29. M

    New System: should I stick to my GTX970 or upgrade to 1070 or 1070ti now?

    I just building a new gaming system based on the i7-8700k (just received it...yeah). I am currently gaming everything in 1080HD, with the goal to play with >60fps at best possible graphics/optics. I have now two options: 1. Stick with my old MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G which overclocks nicely and...
  30. S

    Lenovo y720 screen problem

    Hello, can someone tell me what could cause this problem Im having with my lenovo y720. Laptop is not older than 5 months and yes I have warranty and will take him as soon as I can. But I would like to know why this might be happening to brand new laptop, it happens only when my screen is...
  31. A

    Asus b250 expert mining motherboard

    Hi All, I have been researching this motherboard "asus b250 expert mining motherboard" for quite some time and since it is quite new it seems there is no consensus yet about it, or even enough knowledge of how to use it. Therefore, I would like to hear from someone who has this MB or has enough...
  32. S

    Why am I getting the SAME FPS on every game???

    I have a Ryzen 1700 OC @ 3.7Ghz, EVGA 1080TI SC (not OC'd), and 16GB of RAM. I get about 200 FPS in CSGO, 200 FPS in COD, 200FPS in Battlefield, and 200FPS in older games. I'm running on a 144hz monitor with G-Sync and can't figure this one out... Why is the FPS identical in games that require...
  33. P

    Bought Windows 10 USB / Not OEM. Can I reinstall it over and over, infinite times?

    Hey guys! I wanted to ask, since I bought Windows 10 USB version, can I install it over and over again? Say 5 years from now, I build another new PC, can I install Windows 10 on it from this key that will be 5 years old? I read that with Win 10 USB version, not OEM. You could install Win...
  34. S

    PC Graphic Card Upgrade

    Hello, I have an ATC-605-UB11 Acer aspire desktop. The specs are Here: I'm looking to upgrade the Graphics card to play Sims 4/Sims 3/Sims 2. Would it be possible to upgrade the GC or just buy a whole new gaming PC...
  35. eodeo

    PCIe 3 on 1st gen 1155 board with intel 3xxx CPU?

    I'm planning on getting Intel 1155 motherboard and the i5 3470 CPU. Provided that the motherboard will take the CPU how will my PCIE lanes work? Since 3xxx series of intel CPUs are the first gen to support pcie 3 standard, is that enough for my system to have price 3 speed? Specifically, will...
  36. M

    what is the hard drive status ?

    Hey, i checked my HDD with CrystalDiskInfo and it first showed these- Reallocated Sectors Count: current: 25 worst: 252 threshold : 10 here is a png of the whole data :
  37. H

    A new one or a older one?

    I wan't to buy a laptop. Where i live now i can afford only a 200€ . I've chose a new one and one SH. I want it for movies, internet, photoshop and some gaming like cs 1.6, cs go, nfs.... SH laptop has: Brand: Fujitsu LifeBook S751 Display: 14 inch Resolution: 1366 x 768 Cpu: i5 - 2520M Gpu...
  38. B

    Looking for some insight on my build

    So I'm upgrading my current setup. Parts I am swapping over include a 1t WD HDD, CD rom, and 2x 4g crossair vengence ram. I'm upgrading everything else with what I have on my list. Any advice would be great! I don't really plan to over clock much and I'll mainly be using the rig for gaming...
  39. ThatZiast

    Ethernet Connection Help

    I am planning on connecting my gaming PC to the internet via ethernet cable for more reliable and faster connection. There is an ethernet port (Cat5) in my wall, and another ethernet port next to my modem. The ethernet port next to my modem has a wire coming out from the port into the modem. I...
  40. Veriac

    When AMD releases a new driver, does it keep what the old drivers did?

    The AMD 15.4 driver was a driver specifically optimized for GTA V, I'm wondering if the later versions of the drivers, like 15.7, still keep those optimizations for GTA V. I want to update, but then again I don't if I'll loose those specific optimizations for a game I play frequently.