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    Question Pc wont post and no debug codes or beeps

    Sorry for the long post...My Pc which is an old build with the following specs: I7 4771 Ecs z97 machine 8gb ram with 500watt coolermaster psu Gtx 1060 6gb At first my pc was randomly restarting so i figured it must be a psu and i changed the psu and it worked fine till the problem came back but...
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    Question orange light from motherboard but everything is ok?

    i got gigabyte b360m d3h for a while and im really not sure if its new or not....i really cant remember if the orange light was always on or not. but i just saw some posts about others who have orange light and it means they have a problem....but my pc is fine....should i care about the orange...
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    Question PC turns on only if I unplug it for a few hours

    Hello! I made this PC about 2 years ago, and it had no problem at all until now. It started a few days ago. I turned off the PC that night and it won't turn on the next day. The speakers were making a weird sound and the mouse light was also blinking faintly, so I unplugged it and the sound and...