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    Question Sticking to ASUS Tuf X570 Gaming-Plus Wifi QVL is a problem - any tips?

    I'm having an absolute nightmare trying to get 32gb of 3200mhz dual channel ram for my Ryzen 3700x and ASUS Tuf X570 Gaming-Plus Wifi that is also listed on the QVL. There are only 3 kits that fit the bill, but 2 of those are either not guaranteed for Ryzen 3rd gen or not available in my region...
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    Question Did I make a bad decision? 2 dual channel kits & not listed on mobo QVL

    I just ordered all the parts for my new build. This includes: 32gb of Patriot Viper Steel Series 4000mhz ram made up of of two lots of 2x8gb dual channel kits ASUS Tuf Gaming-Plus x570 Wifi mobo Ryzen 7 3700X I didn't realise there was a difference between dual channel and quad channel. I also...
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    [SOLVED] Will this RAM work with my motherboard if it's not on the QVL

    Hello everyone! What i ask is pretty simple. Just wondering if my RAM kits i bought 2 months ago will work with the motherboard I'm planning on buying next week. I bought a 16gb 3200mhz kit from Corsair on Amazon, and the model ID is CMK16GX4M2B3200C16R . Here's the link...
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    Question Using CL16 3000 MHz vs CL18 3200MHz RAM on Ryzen 5 3600 build.

    Where I live you can't find all kinds of RAMs easily so I am down to a few choices. Which RAM should I choose for my Ryzen 5 3600 build in conditions below ? I might use MSI B450 Gaming Plus or Tomahawk as a motherboard so I have checked the compability ( QVL ) of below RAMs for these...