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    [SOLVED] R5 2600 + RX 6800, is there a problem?

    Hello All, Happy new year :) I got my hands on 6800 and paired it with my R5 2600 on asus prime x470-pro. However, loking and the GPU reviews the fps are much higher what I can achieve. For example Metro is given with arround 140 fps. However I vary between 120 and going to 75 in some places...
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    [SOLVED] PC turns on after turning psu on (black screen)

    So earlier today, I wanted to update the software with MSI live update 6 and it also included a bios update. I ran the live update and the screen went black and nothing else worked other than fans (i couldnt see if the mobo was also working, i just heard fans spinning). So i opened it up and...
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    Question Recommended CPU for RX 570 4GB

    Hi, I have a question. I'm building a new PC, and am thinking of playing in 1080p 60fps high or mid settings. What is the best processor for Rx 570 4gb? My mobo will be Gigabyte B450M DS3H, ram- Patriot Viper 4, 8gb 3000MHz. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and replies. Regards. Ps...
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    Question Worth upgrate from i7 4790 to i5 8400 or ryzen 5 2600?

    I want to upgrade my system but i am not sure that worth it. My system specs: Asus Mobo H81 chipset CPU i7 4790 GPU MSI ARMOR 1660Ti 12 GB ddr 3 at 1600 Mhz PSU Seasonic 650 W I am thinking to update it to i5 8400 or ryzen5 2600 with 16 GB ddr4 I also can sell my current i7 4790 and go with...
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    Question Motherboard compatible with my ram?

    So I've been purchasing parts my upcoming build as the parts go on sale. I've already purchased a Ryzen 5 2600 and an Asus B350-f gaming. I've been looking at ram lately and was told that in order for the ram to reach 3000mhz or good gaming speeds, I'd need to get a different motherboard. So...
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    [SOLVED] R5 2600 with Rtx 2070 vs I5 9600K with Rtx 2060

    Hi, I have a question for my new build : What's the most powerful R5 2600 with Rtx 2070 vs I5 9600K with Rtx 2060 ? I have a budget about 1550$CA and that the two builds with different cpu/gpu https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/LpkNV6 https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/Z6bJdX Thanks (sorry for...