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  1. elux1337

    Question Temperature Offset with Ryzen 3600X

    Is the temperature offset still with 3600x? With HWinfo it shows me different temperatures. (Tctl and Tdie) Ryzen Master shows around 50°C in idle, which is basically the Tdie in HWinfo. Other Tools and also the BIOS (where i have the fan controlled) show and react to the highest temperature...
  2. Y

    Question Change of coolers PC not booting up

    Hello! Today my brother gave me Wraith Prism cooler for my PC, (I had Wraith stealth). I was taking off my cooler and it was pretty stuck. I started slowly turning it to each side and I don't know why something cracked. I got very scared that pins from cpu had been broken down. But i still did...
  3. constantun

    Question Need Help With Motherboard for r5 3600

    Current Specs i3-7100 3.9ghz Asus H110M-A M.2 MSI 1660TI Ventus XS6 6GB OC Crucial 8GB DDR4 2400 DIMM single channel Crucial 250GB M.2 SSD 1TTB Toshiba HDD 550W PSU Tecware f3 Micro ATX Case Basically i want to upgrade my CPU to r5 3600 so my cpu dont bottleneck and for future upgrade. Will...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] First Ever build

    Hey guys, This is my first ever pc build. i never did this before. so , i have created a list of components. if you could tell what to change that would be appreciated. and i dont know anything about the supported memory to this MB and CPU...