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  1. qwer15333

    Question is my gpu dead?

    Hello guys Im new here and I hope I can get some help here thanks for your attention! My pc specs > gigabyte ga 78lmtusb 3 rev 6.0 2x4 RAM fx 4300 PSU Corsair 500w GPU r7 360, Yesterday I have a brilliant idea to open my gpu and clean because GPU-Z said the pci express was running only...
  2. A

    Question R7 360 Graphics Card Not Working Please Help

    Hi my gigabyte r7 360 oc is facing issues. It worked well for 3 years. No display output. Hdmi or DVI doesnt give signal. When I boot up using motherboard hdmi windows lags a lot and after about 3-5 minutes it freezes and i have to cut off power. I am using latest drivers. My power supply...
  3. C

    New 1080 ti performing poorly

    I just bought an MSI 1080 ti 11gb aero OC and it is performing no where near what I excepted. When playing the witcher 3 I am only getting around 30 to 40 fps. I also noticed my gpu usage is usually only around 40 to 50% while my cpu usage is always less than 30%. I have a 750w power supply so I...
  4. G

    Problems with monitor resolution

    Hi guys, i have problems with my monitor resolution.I changed gpu from gt430 to rx570.Everything was okey with gt430 but when i installedrx570 i could see right corner of monitor and nothing else.I tried scalling,changing resolution,removing cmos battery and nothing happened.Monitor is 1680...
  5. T

    I3 8350k estimated TDP after overclock?

    Hello everyone! Im completely new to overclocking, so i would love some help. Im going to buy an i3 8350k, and overclock it. Im also running a gigabyte g1 970. So what i want to know is, will the 450 Watt powersupply i currently have, be enough to power an overclocked i3 8350k and an overclocked...
  6. J

    Windows Update 800F0A13 Error

    Windows 7 Home Premium For the past 2 days, I've tried installing Service Pack 1 on my Windows 7, but it doens't let me install it, I always receive the error Code 800F0A13, I tried installing sp1 mannually but it failed, did sfc /scannow but all my files are alright, tried installing windows...
  7. R

    What Should I Upgrade Next?

    I received 500 dollars for graduating high school, so I built a budget gaming PC. I now have a job and plan to upgrade, but I don't know where to start. Here's my hardware: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti MSI 970 GAMING Motherboard 8GB RAM Windows 10 I'd like to...
  8. M

    Replacement Dell HD has no room for clone of original HD

    I'm sorry to be unable to find the answer myself although I bet it's here somewhere. :( Long, frustrating story: --The HD was going in my Dell Inspiron according to their tests and my experience of crashes and freezes; they sent me a replacement. Neither them or I could make image/clone with...
  9. M

    how do i open cd door on my laptop aspire E1

    i have no button to open my cd door, how can i open it??
  10. K

    Exsiting phone and dsl

    Exsiting phone wall outlit and a dsl / phone filter with line going to my phone. And dsl going to my modem which i have my desktop pluged into, in my bedroom. I want to run a cat 5 from nid box outside to the spare room which im making into my office. So I wanted to check the wiring that is...
  11. L

    Wifi Setup for Fraternity House

    So very recently the wifi in our house stopped working. Right now, it uses some sort of PC as a server, but I don't really know how that works, so I don't know how to fix it. I would like to totally scrap the setup we have and start over, while reusing some of the old hardware of course. My...
  12. C

    What else should I add to my setup?

    Hey everyone! I finally buily my beautiful blue and white gaming pc and am glorified, but now its time to focus on something else.... what surrounds the beauty. Now currently I have two monitors, an asus 21.5 inch and a (shitty) element 19" but I am not planning on replacing any of them so dont...
  13. G

    Select bootable device everytime i boot pc.

    So I just replaced my hard drive because it got burnt out. I loaded windows and everything on it. But how everytime I start my computer it asks me to select that boot device. It's a little annoying everytime I start my PC to select it every time. I've tried to set the priority to my hard drive...
  14. J

    Problem with NIC / Network Adapter

    Hey guys so been trying to fine tune my wired NIC on my windows 10 desktop when i open my Network Adapter settings and lets say i wanted to change IPv4 Checksum or Large Send Offload V2 IPv4 ill change the setting, select OK to save it.The NIC turns off/disconnects from the internet for a...
  15. X

    P7H55-M LX - upgrading RAM

    Hi All, board: P7H55-M LX video: gt 220 RAM: - 3 gb DDR3 1333 (1pc 1 gig and 1 pc 2 gb) OS: Win 7 64bit location: Philippines I'm buying one 4 gb RAM stick but the stores here no longer have any 1333 mhz. They say it's already phased out and they only have the 4gb 1600 mhz available. Will I...