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  1. johnx125

    Question Striped and solid color screen crashes during any type of GPU workload

    I have a Sapphire R7 370 Nitro 4Gb about 5 years and it has been overclocked almost since day one (core 1020MHz, memory 1500MHz). So.. lately I've encountered this issue a number of times, whenever I play a game, watch a live stream etc, the computer crashes to a striped screen and any sound...
  2. johnx125

    [SOLVED] Grahpics card problem/crash while gaming

    Hello everyone, I've been dealing with two very annoying problems for the last two months.. when playing games sometimes the screen either looses signal and the gpu fans speed up to 100% or the pc crashes and the screen shows one random color with lines.. This (color with lines) also happened...
  3. S

    GTX 1060 6GB with a 1366 X 768 monitor

    I am going to build a gaming PC soon. I decided to buy a MSI GTX 1060 6GB graphics card, since it is within my budget. I already have a 1366 X 768 monitor. At this lower resolution, will I be able to play all current games at max settings for next 3 to 4 years using this GPU?
  4. A

    Strange throttling, cpu blockade at 0,8GHz.

    Hello forum members! Usually I'm a passive user of the Internet and I search for problems instead of asking in posts, but this time I am really powerless. I've got problems with my 6 months old "gaming" laptop Lenovo Legion Y520-15 IKBA. Few days ago I forgot to plug in the power supply and I...
  5. N

    windows 8.1 installation

    I've been trying to avoid that "Checking your specifications" thing when you install windows directly from windows(I've got special circumstances where my system shows the wrong specs). So if I install windows from a usb drive will it not check my specs and it'll just let it install?
  6. M

    How much rpm is my hard drive running at?

    Don't get triggered, I've done my research but I couldn't find out how much rpm is my drive running at. So I've checked it in like 3 programs, and checked the sticker irl, and couldn't find it out. Here's what I know : It's a "Toshiba dt01aca100 ata device" Local Fixed Disk NTFS 462EFDD2 200...
  7. K

    Upgrading from an i5-4440 - Ryzen 7 1700x or Core i5-8600k?

    Hello, for Christmas I'm planning to upgrade my PC, the CPU in particular because recently I've been experiencing serious bottlenecks caused by my old i5. First of all, this is my current setup: CPU: i5-4440 CPU Cooler: Standart Intel Cooler Motherboard: GIGABYTE B85M-HD3 Memory: Crucial...
  8. L

    GPU Running Hot At Idle All Of A Sudden??

    Hi there, so I've recently noticed that my ASUS Strix GTX 1080 all of a sudden is running at 53 to 56 degrees Celsius at idle when I remember it running at like 38-45 max. This is also causing my gpu to have constant fan spikes so even at idle they turn on and off every second or so. Now I did...
  9. A

    Upgrading my computer

    I would like to upgrade my computer parts to a i5 6600k and gtx 1060ti but I'm not sure if I would need to upgrade other parts to make it compatible with this CPU and GPU I wanna upgrade too. My Current Specs: Motherboard : Gigabyte AM3+ AMD DDR3 1333 760G HDMI USB 3.0 Micro ATX Motherboard...
  10. J

    Is a midrange speaker a subwoofer?

    hi there i'm new when it comes to subwoofers and would like to get one but i would like to know if a midrange speaker is a subwoofer for example this one Link...
  11. J

    HDD failed CrystalDiskInfo error 05,C5,C6

    Hello dear people of the Internet. Original post on linustechtips.com: "Today I experienced something new. One of my harddrives is acting pretty weird. I have this 1TB drive where I store many of my games and programmes. When I booted up my pc today everything was like normal. Some seconds of...
  12. G

    new build with memory questions

    MSI tomahawk b350 mobo ryzen 1600 cpu gskill V 2666 8gb x2 ram updated bios to latest and booted up fine but in bios one bank reads 2300 and other reads the proper 2666. i used the OC menu to bump the other one up but question I have is , is this normal for 2 identical modules to read...
  13. A

    eGPU with a Samsung laptop

    So, I have been extensively researching about if I would be able to work up some type of external GPU system with my laptop that I bought last year. Basically, from what I've learned is that there are several ports that will support interfacing with an eGPU, of which Thunderbolt 3 would be the...
  14. M

    How to fix the sudden random FPS drops in ArmA 3?

    Hi to all, I face huge FPS drops while playing ArmA 3,from 70+ FPS to 30 or less,and then back to 70+ and then again sudden random FPS drops to 30 or less! And this happens even when playing on lowest settings! My Lenovo Y-700-15ISK laptop's specs are: i7-6700 HQ CPU,16 GB DRR4 RAM.and Nvidia...
  15. M

    Will a 9590 Bottleneck 2 Rx 480 8gb

    Will a 9590 Bottleneck 2 Rx 480 8gb planning on doing a AMD Build
  16. M

    how do i open cd door on my laptop aspire E1

    i have no button to open my cd door, how can i open it??
  17. G

    What is the ideal resolution supported by most 2016 FP games?

    I have two Titan X Pascal in SLI. I want a 4k 16:9 monitor and Gsync support ideally, but there are the ultra wide 21:9 screens. But they loose half there vertical resolution which I don't like. Now these usually curved 21:9 don't particularly appeal to me, but if they work great with modern FP...
  18. gigabyte2020

    Relation between core speed and core voltage in video cards.

    Hey guys, I have the gigabyte gtx 750 ti 2gb WINDFORCE which is 1032 MHZ core speed and 1110 MHZ boost clock , so if i inc. the core speed do i have to inc. the core voltage too? although the stock clocking of it is set too 0 core voltage and 100% power limit with 80 degree Celsius.. Thanks guys <3
  19. A

    ps3 emulator exist ?

    ps3 emulator exist?
  20. H

    Error during Win7 format

    Hello, im facing a problem with my desktop computer.. I (first time) tried to format and install win7 from a usb stick but something went wrong. Let me explain u better: i got win7 on pc (as files) and i made my usb bootable with the windows inside so i restarted my pc and tried to format the...