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    Need help gaming build

    Can someone give me some ideas for what to have in my new gaming pc build. My budget is 900 euros. I don't really care about fancy cases, but 8GB of ram and an i5 are a must. thanks in advance
  2. Q

    Adapter for 144hz

    So im playing csgo and thought of buying a monitor without much research which i now regret. After hours of researching and thinking, i think i only have one option to get 144hz while keeping 1920x1080 which is having a mini displayport to dvi d adapter. I just wanted to ask around for a...
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    Turn dynamic disk into basic without losing/moving data?

    Look at "Disk 1" on the screenshot. I need to change it to basic disk, one partition if possible and without moving or losing data. The reason I want to do this is maybe this way I will be able to access it when I switch to linux because it doesn't let me access it. Pops an error. Windows 7...
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    Screen or video cable?

    I need to know if i have to buy the screen of the video cable for this laptop samsung NP275E4E it works with a external monitor..
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    Seagate HDD - Fix All Fast Test FAIL

    Hi! I have had my Seagate 3TB HDD for around 5-6 months. Around 1 month ago, the drive started disappearing in my PC, so I plugged it into my other PC and copied all my data over. I then reset the drive, and put all my data back. The drive has been running fine now for 2-3 weeks but now it has...
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    Good or not?

    http://www.walmart.com/ip/46272288 Is this PC good? I'm looking for a cheap PC that can run Arma 3, Dayz, csgo, maybe gta and from my knowledge it can but I don't know too much about PCs. If you know of a pc that's around the same price feel free to link it. Btw I don't know where to post this...
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    How to make files download to HDD by default

    I want my files to download to my HDD instead of my SSD, how do I do so? I found in 'Settings' that the 'Storage' tab had some options to change it however even with HDD set to download location (for files, photos, etc.), my documents were still being downloaded to my SSD. Anyone know how to...
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    P7H55-M LX - upgrading RAM

    Hi All, board: P7H55-M LX video: gt 220 RAM: - 3 gb DDR3 1333 (1pc 1 gig and 1 pc 2 gb) OS: Win 7 64bit location: Philippines I'm buying one 4 gb RAM stick but the stores here no longer have any 1333 mhz. They say it's already phased out and they only have the 4gb 1600 mhz available. Will I...
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    pc keeps freezing while playing games only so what should i do?

    hey guys i have got an issue in my pc it freezes when i play any game i tried to download EVGA precision to increase fan speed of GPU and lower the temp of it but it didn't help alot it gave me more time to play like 5 minutes more and then freezes so what should i do? i tried to run the A/C...
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    PC experiencing boot loop after ram removed and reslotted.

    I got some new ram for my PC, but after exchanging it and my old set, the computer won't boot on startup. Instead it will turn on for roughly 10 seconds, turn off and then restart again, rinse/repeat. I tried putting my old ram back in the same slots but the issue persists. I'm not worried...
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    CPU lowered throttle temp after changing cooler

    Hey, Straight to the point, I had an aftermarket air cooler swapped to a Deepcool maelstorm 240t water cooling was on a huge sale. So on the air cooler cpu would throttle at 65 degrees, after changing it, it started throttling and reducing its clocks down to 1.3ghz after 50 degrees, ran prime95...