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  1. C

    Question R9 270 wont stay at 100% load

    PowerColor R9 270 i7-4790K 16gb ram My r9 270 wont maintain at 100% load when running Fire Strike Extreme and PUBG. Anyone has any idea how to fix it? Thanks!!! View: https://imgur.com/lK8Ed4P
  2. mizotejhun

    Question Gigabyte AMD R9 270x no display

    Hello, I just bought yesterday a R9 270X and tried to plug it up, but no display at all. Tried with my other card, everything worked fine with that one. I don't have hdmi cable on my monitor, so I bought a hdmi-vga switcher to display the monitor, but that's not working. Fans spinning, plugged...
  3. Deathwing660

    Question Asus R9 270 driver installation error

    Hello, i bought this card back in may 2018 (used and opened to put new thermal pasta) and it worked until january 21st when driver 19.1 arrived from AMD and after installation, windows logo would show up and then black screen. I tried to install 18.12 driver but it didnt work also. My...