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  1. EzTec

    Question What is a decent CPU to pair with R9 270x

    Well guys I've decided I'm going with the Asus R9 270x, can you guys tell me what CPU to pair it with? I'm truly at a loss of what would even be a decent option haha NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 specs (gpuzoo.com) ASUS Radeon R9 270X DirectCU II TOP specs (gpuzoo.com) These are the two comparables...
  2. EzTec

    [SOLVED] What card to buy? $100 - 270x, 760, 5600g

    Living now in Medellin Colombia guys :) looking to build with the options I have available to me... price point 100 bucks and the only ones I found that seem worth it are: R9 270x (Asus Dual fan) Nvidia GTX 760 (Ref design) I had the R7 260x in mind too but I think both above are better My...
  3. Yosef Marcera

    [SOLVED] Options For Upgrading DDR3 System

    I am currently gaming on an i5-3470 system, and have been for almost the past 8 years. I have only started upgrading it back in October of 2020 by buying a used R9 270x (my previous card was a GT 520 so it was a HUGE step for me). I am now looking for different ways to possibly upgrade my rig...
  4. rijn12

    [SOLVED] GPU doesn't work after updating drivers ?

    So okay, just a starting information. Here's my current setup: Previous setup: i5-4690k GA H81M-DS2 2x4gb ddr3 1333mhz 650W Corsair R9 270X New setup: Ryzen 5 3600 B450m Steel Legend Asrock 2x8gb ddr4 3200mhz sticks 650W Corsair R9 270X This first came to me when I was turning on my PC way...
  5. Yosef Marcera

    [SOLVED] Limited PSU Options, Help!

    I recently bought a 2nd hand AMD R9 270X graphics card, slowly upgrading from a GT 520 (I know). I realized it requires two 6 pin PCIE cables which my current PSU doesn't have, and is recommended to be used with atleast a 500w PSU. My current PSU is a 450W Thermaltake TT-450PL1NH-1. My PC's...
  6. K

    Question Restart loop after installing gpu driver.

    Hi everyone, Recently my Sapphire r9 270x Toxic 2GB OC Edition not working properly. The problem : OS (Win 10) goes into restart loop after installing graphics driver. What i have done so far : So i uninstall Graphics driver using DDU while on safe mode. Then restarted my pc and GPU works...
  7. S

    Question Why is my Xfx R9 270x stuck in overheat mode (300mhz)

    Before I get the equivalent of level 1 tech support answers. Yes ive reinstalled drivers Yes I tried unplugging and powering down the device and restarting (this one is for laughs) Yes I've updated the Vbios Yes I've replaced the thermal paste Yes I've looked for the infamous PP_CNescapeinput...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] New monitor/Old one is dead

    Hi. My old monitor is dead and now I have to buy new one. I am wondering if aoc c24g1 is going to be compatible with my r9 270x dcu2oc? I know my gpu is old and it doesn't support freesync, but I am going to buy all new PC next year probably, so I wonder if I'm going to be able to connect...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Windows won't install GPU drivers!

    Okay so here is what is going on... I was playing some Rainbow Six Siege, everything was normal and usual. First at some point, game was starting to crash, and I got 2 Crash reports which i sended to Ubisoft. Then 3rd time i opened the game and started playing, my screen turned whole white, it...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] My GPU is running at x8 instead x16!! Please help

    Today I found out that my graphics card XFX RADEON R9 270X is running at x8 (According to GPU-Z) even though I have installed it on the x16 slot on the motherboard. I'm running the lastest AMD Adrenaline 19.9.2 drivers and the Latest MSI BIOS. Here is my full setup... MSI B450M-Pro VDH PLUS...
  11. S

    Question 75C° on r9 270x while playing fortnite.

    just taht, simple question, is it too bad? i have a very generic case with only one generic cooler and no more than 10 cm to the bottom of the case from the gpu coolers.
  12. S

    Question DVI I to VGA not working fine

    I recently got one of these adapters I found for around 200 pesos argentinos, something like 4.5 U$ dollars cause I have been using another adapter from my cousin, he started asking when I was going to return it to him so I said well, let me get another one and I will give it to you, bought one...
  13. S

    Question Is 4-pin + 8-pin = 2-6pins?

    I have got a r9 270x which have 2-6pin slots for power and my PSU have 1-8pin and 2-4pins. My 8-pin can split to 2+6. Can I do like -> put the 6pins out of 8-pin in 1-6 pin slot, then put remaining 2 pins on adjacent remaining 6-pin slot of gpu and for the remaining 4pins on gpu, put in 4-pin...
  14. jovanickg1

    Question R9 270x random game crashes

    So here is the question, I've been experiencing random crashes when I start any game, screen freezes my speakers, for some reason, are starting to make some (same tone) noises.. and then I have to restart, sometimes I even have to rebuild boot with command prompt. I know it's an old card, but I...
  15. D

    Question Any suggestions for a new PSU?

    Hello, I’ve bought an AMD/MSI Radeon R9 270X but my PSU is too weak for it, it has 570 Watt peak. I have no problems with it, but when I start a heavy game (Just Cause 3/4, Dirt 3, etc) I hear my PSU buzzing and my mobo and GPU become very hot, and then my shutdown and I get a message like ...