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    Question Asus Strix R9 390X Not Working, Need Solutions!

    Mobo: Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z Motherboard CPU: AMD FX-6300 GPU: Asus R9 390X Strix 8GB PSU: Seasonic M12II Evo 620w Bronze SSHD: Seagate 2TB + Seagate 1TB HDD SSD: 256GB (OS) RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 (8 GB) 1600 MHz RAM Cooler: CAPTAIN 360 GAMER STORM CPU LIQUID COOLER I made this build...
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    Question ASUS STRIX R9 390X + Kraken G12

    Hi all, I have a R9 390X and I'm looking at cooling it with a G12 Kraken mostly for reducing the noise coming out of the beast, she runs hot and is power hungry. Few questions: Is it worth it? I see on the G12 specs that some R9 390X cards require a copper sheath, do I need this and if so what...
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    Question Display only pre boot

    I have an r9 390x which does boot but does not provide a picture. I know that its the gpu not working properly. The actual dye does get hot and the fans do spin but stop after a while. I have checked with a multimeter to the best of my ability and all of the mosfets work properly. System: i7...
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    Question R9 390x not detected by motherboard

    I just had this handed-down Sapphire R9 390x. The previous owner said it works just fine before giving it out. Pretty excited since it's quite an upgrade from my old GTX 660. Placed it in and plugged all the necessary chords but unfortunately it won't work. No display when I hook up my monitor...
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    2700x RAM Compatibility

    Anyone know a way to find out if F4-3200C15D-32GTZKW will work well with an x470 mobo? I was about set on getting ryzen instead of intel, but amd cpus being notorious for being bad about memory compatibility is really tempting me to just get a 8700. I read that for last year's ryzens and mobos...
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    Windows freezes, but still works

    Hello, I have the problem that my screen freezes after opening a program from the system tray, mostly Discord. I am still able to move my mouse and use the keyboard, windows works perfectly. I can for example press windows + e and the explorer opens, I just don't see it. If I turn my monitor...
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    Which ssd to buy?

    Hello everyone i need a suggestion which low budget ssd to buy...i need some cheap for linux 120-128gb .... here are my picks: Transcend - TS128GSSD230S WD Green - WDS120G1G0A Kingston - SUV400S37/120G
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    forgot password on my old laptop

    How to recover my password om my Toshiba L305-S5875
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    No USB flash drives will copy data on USB 3 or USB 2

    Hi, I've been having some problems with copying data from any USB flash storage for a while but it's gotten to the point where I can’t even plug one in without it bugging out my system and none of the articles or forums I've seem to have an answer that's worked. I've got 2 Lexar USB 3 drives...
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    Best budget power supply for Ryzen 5 1600

    Hi All, I'm looking for a power supply that will satisfy all my needs. Here is my current rig and will be upgrading to Ryzen soon: Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA970A-DS3 rev 3.0 Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 640 RAM: Avexir Red LED DDR3 1600 2X4GB RAM GPU: Zotac GTX 780 Reference Cooler PSU...
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    Deciding between two monitors

    Hello, I'm trying decide between these two monitors. The Philips 242G5DJEB monitor and the Acer GN246HLBBID. Both are from Best Buy, I bought a Samsung CF390 curved monitor and wasn't too happy with it for gaming. I have an Acer Predator G AG3-605-UR20 Desktop. I mostly play mmo's like World of...
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    Good Full Tower Case

    Hi Folks i am looking to replace my Cooler Master HAF 932 full tower case due to some reasons which i will mention below and i am looking for suggestions for best case which satisfy my following needs: 1. Must be a full tower, not looking for super tower or smaller cases. 2. Must support...
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    Is it really safe to use UPS rated lower than PSU wattage (as long as it is higher than the max system power draw)

    I know there are tons of topics about this however would just like to double check if anyone had any unexpected experience. My rig uses 850W Thermaltake Toughpower PSU. I'm shopping for CyberPower UPS; CyberPower 1500VA (900w) is not available in my area, only 1300VA (780W) is. 780W is...
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    VLAN Setup for a dummy

    Hello everyone! I am on a short 3-week apprenticeship,and have been assigned to see if I can set up a small back-up network should the main ISP in the company fall down. There is alot of sensitive data on the computers and network, so there are two seperate subnetworks in the network, one for...
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    4 Cores and 4 threads on FX8320

    So basically my amd FX8320 has had 8 cores and 8 threads, but recently 4 of them disappeared. Task manager does not say that there are any parked cores. Having 4 cores and 4 threads less is making my pc very slow. Please help! Thanks :)
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    Games crashes / freezes after overclocking my GIGABYTE GTX 660 2GB OC VERSION

    Hey there ! Sry for my english not a native speaker. My pc: CPU - Intel Core i3-3220/3.30GHz 3MB LGA 1155 GPU - Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 2048MB DDR5/192bit OC VERSION RAM - 4GB, 1333MHz, DDR3, NON-ECC, CL9 MB - Gigabyte GA-B75M-D2V, B75, DualDDR3-1600(GA-B75M-D2V) PS - Corsair VS 450W ATX 120mm...
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    AMD FX-9370 and unsupported motherboard

    Hey. This is my first post so I am not sure is it in right place. I made little mistake when I bought FX-9370. I did not realize that CPU is so power hungry. (TDP 220w) my motherboard Asus m5a97 le r2.0 only support max 140w CPU So the question is... Should I upgrade my motherboard or should...
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    My Pc can run this games?

    my computer can run this games? Overwatch, Arma 3, H1z1, total war: warhammer, company of heroes 2, for honor, rainbow six siege, gta v. Cpu: amd fx 6300 6cores 3,5ghz Gpu: amd ati r7 360 2gb Ram: 8gb ddr3 1600mhz Resolution: 1680x1050 60hz And... to what quality...slow, medium, high, and how...
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    Windows explorer running through wrong program

    Hello how do i fix my windows explorer from trying to go through my windows photo viewer? Every time i try to click on a file in my windows explorer it tries to send it through the photo viewer. I have no idea how this even happened. How can i fix this to where windows explorer goes through...
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    Boot Laptop on Second Monitor, Laptop Screen NOT WORKING!

    My screen on my laptop is broken and I am trying to boot it on a secondary monitor. It is an Advent Modena M200 Laptop. Can anyone help me get a display shown on my monitor ?