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  1. ChefBoyArdit

    Question Thrustmaster T300 RS GT HELP!!!

    I recently got this T300RS GT and finally got it set up. Im having this issue when my computer boots up after installing the drivers the wheel is supposed to calibrate but is stuck in its center position and shifts slightly left to right. I have attached a youtube link where someone records the...
  2. R

    Question Retro Gaming Wheel, Logitech Wingman Formula, Model E-YA1.

    Hi there, Any thoughts on how I could get this wheel to work? I have a 15 pin to usb adapter but no drivers. The wheel communicates with windows but the input is erratic. Is it the lack of drivers or the interface unit. Again model E-YA1, Wingman Formula wheel.
  3. S

    Intel Pentium D bottleneck RX 550?

    Hello, so I bought a Pentium D 945 and an RX 550 to upgrade my Dell Xps 400. My question is will the CPU bottleneck the GPU and if so by how much? The reason I had to get the Pentium D 945 was because of my budget but more because it was compatible. I had a choice between the Pentium Ds in the...
  4. D

    Windows Boot Manager with one OS option. Couldn't remove with Easy BCD.

    I am encountering Windows Boot Manager with one option i.e., Windows 7 Ultimate, however I have only one OS installed. I did a clean re-install of OS by formatting all the drives. No result. I installed and used Easy BCD but there is only one OS in Edit Boot Menu. Hence no question of deleting...
  5. A

    I want help on buying new am3+ motherboard

    Hi guys my motherboard - Asus M4N68T-M LE V2 Just stopped working i checked that from Computer repair guy he said mobo is dead have to buy new one. So i was searching for new motherboard for my CPU- AMD phenom ii x 2 560 Things needed - 1) It must be am3+ socket ( So i can upgrade later ) 2) It...
  6. G

    I need to know if my PC specs will be good for gaming and recording!

    Hi there so im currently saving to buy a new PC for myself and I have already choosen the components but im not to sure if they will be good for gaming editing rendering (ect.) Here is the link to my all of my pc build: I just need to know if it will be good...
  7. T

    Whats your opinion of my gaming pc?

    Hello everybody, Τhis is my first gaming machine that i am building. I didnt know many things about building a machine so i read a lot the past weeks, hope i learned something. Thanks in advance for your time, any opinions are welcomes :) CPU : i5 4690k MOBO : MSI Gaming 5 Memory : Corsair...
  8. C

    Help choosing 1080p Monitor

    I'm looking for a new 24" 1080p Monitor but have bee stuck on which to choose out of: BenQ RL2455HM - Asus VE247H 23.6" -...