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    Question RX 570 4GB or 8GB

    So I've been wanting to upgrade my GT 1030, and I've decided for an RX 570, as its the most my budget would allow, and it performs really well. My budget is 200 euros, or about 220 dollars, but I've been meaning to also buy an SSD, and hopefully have some spare money. Currently, the cheapest RX...
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    Info For those having problems with HDMI not being recognized by HP DV6 Pc or AMD RADEON 5000 SERIES

    I have found a solution that can solve this: I have found a solution that automatically detects a monitor in my DV6 HP computer with a Radeon 5000 series Graphics. All you have to do is download the ADM Crimson Beta software. YOU MUST UNINSTALL THE catalyst one that comes with Windows. As...