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  1. Bennou

    Question 7970 Radeon freeze; Pixels issues

    Hi Guys , Just unpacked my old PC after 1 year in the closet. I'm mostly a player of Warframe and LoL. When I'm playing League of Legends there's no issue but when I'm playing Warframe the game freeze and impossible to do anything. However I can still hear the sound in game when I jump, enter...
  2. G

    1440p 50FPS Gaming pc - cheapest solution?

    I'd love to play 1440p Ultra/max settings at least 40/50 fps. Any build suggestions for UNDER GBP£700 (USD$1070)? Keep in mind this price is NOT including monitor and peripherals or operating system. thanks
  3. R

    i7-4820K or 4770K(or similar) for SLI

    Wanna GTX 970 SLI for 1080/ 120hz , what difference between this cpu in games?
  4. jakester9000

    Is my processor "bottlenecking"?

    Im sure how to tell if my CPU is bottlenecked or not. -=-=-=-= LAPTOP =-=-=-=- HP ENVY M6 CPU: AMD A10-4600m Quad Core @ 2.30GHz [Integrated Graphics] 7660g 6GB Dual-Channel RAM DDR3 This is what my cpu looks like while running any game from Battlefield 3 on low to COD: WAW on high...
  5. H

    What CPU should I get with a r9 280x?

    Im looking for a cpu which can play games on ultra along with the r9 280x Im not going to be overclocking and if their is a good mobo to matcg it as well Thanks My budget is under £200 incl mobo
  6. F

    Advice on 4k gaming/hdmi/dvi-d adapters

    Hey guys, I've looked around a lot of threads and never seen this particular question answered, so I'm hoping to be enlightened. I'm looking to purchase a 4k monitor and almost all the ones I've seen only support hdmi cables. My gpu (sapphire r9 290x trix) only supports dvi-d. Now getting an...
  7. G

    Daisy Chaining and wirless access as well as Lan ports.

    Hope all will forgive if the answer seems natural. Here goes. I have home in another country with very thick walls..greater than 2 feet of concrete. I need to get wirless access as well has hard wire access to each room. The plan invloves 5 linksys wirless N routers. I plan on installing...
  8. S

    £600 gaming (1080p) / Photoshop Build Advice Please!

    Hi all It's been a while since I've looked at hardware options, so I'm afraid I need a lot of advice! Info is all below! I've had a look for advice online, but there's a massive amount of opinions about what is and isn't good, especially when it comes to gaming! Is it possible to get a system...