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  1. Lcoppa

    Question cyberpunk 2077 ¿Can i run it?

    someone could tell me if I can play cyberpunk with a Radeon R9 380 Series in low configuration
  2. L

    my hard drive wont let me allocate

    my hard drive comes up with an error when i try to allocate the extra space the space i want to allocate is 1.8tb and it just doesnt let me allocate it i have tried wiping the drive, changing the sata ports but cant change the cables because i dont have any others
  3. D

    Computer looks washed and grainy after new monitor?

    So I got a new monitor yesterday and after hooking it up and installing the cd and everything it all looks a little grainy the icons on task bar look low res. Not to mention high quality photos I viewed before on my old monitor looked alot better and clearer then they do now on my new monitor...
  4. J

    Cheap PC mostly for CS:GO

    Alright. I've been watching a lot of Anomaly and McSkillet recently and now i really want to play CS:GO (And i want an upgrade from my PS4) So i have $300 to spend on a PC, and eventually down the line when i get more cash i want to be able to upgrade it down the line. So i need a good PC that...
  5. Colby1888

    Gigabyte G1 Sniper Z87

    So I am trying to install Sound Blaster Recon3Di onto my PC because my Astro A50's are not working correctly, I am using the CD that came with the MOBO to install and it says it is unable to detect a supported product on my system, I have also tried to go to the Gigabyte site and download the...
  6. A

    Performance difference between Radeon 7870 and R9 380

    I'm looking at making a "new" computer (well, I'm reusing a majority of my parts so I don't have to spend a lot of money) and I current have a question. My current graphics card is radeon 7870 GHz edition with 2GB of VRAM. What's the performance difference going to be between that one and this...
  7. O

    Interlock bracket on williams door

    Looking for the bracket on a Williams demolition man that turns the interlock on and off. Its a bracket that goes on the door
  8. H

    seasonic s12g 650watt vs coolermaster v650watt

    which is the better and solid unit and do the coolermaster from seasonic too?both cost the same in my country but confuse to pick which one.. :)
  9. R

    $450 Gaming Build

    I am looking to build a PC for 1080p gaming at high settings, for about $450 or less. I am 16 years old, and my budget is quite tight. I want to play games like Far Cry 4, H1Z1, Watch Dogs, BF3/4, and GTA V. Needless to say, to play some of these games at a good frame rate I may need to turn the...
  10. R

    my computer showing error:Warning: Processor Thermal Trip

    while working suddenly its shuts down and showing this error after i turned it on its sounds like to beeps and then its working fine after few minutes again its shuts down .. :/ need help
  11. G

    My pc restarts when gaming

    hey guys i´ve been having some problems w/my new pc and i'd tried a lot of things but nothing seems to work. The thing is that my pc restarsts when i'm playing games (cs:go, l4d) and it is annoying as fuck. sometimes my screen goes all blue and it says that the system crashed for some problem...
  12. X

    is this a good build?/can this pc run these games?

    this is my first computer building and i wanted to go with amd cuz its cheaper! i wont playing games like BF4,crysis 3, or metro last night! the games i would be playing are NFS rivals, team fortress 2, project blakcout, blacklight retribution and might play planetside 2 i will mostly be doing...