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  1. A

    Question Radeon Software Enhanced Sync/Vsync issues!! (Resolved by AMD tech support)

    Hi guys my issue is that my enhanced sync keeps disabling and turning off by itself when I leave it on, With my testings on a few games I get better frame rates when I keep enhanced sync turned on but for some reason every time I shut down or restart my computer it gets automatically disabled...
  2. P

    Question Gigabyte 5700xt OC vram temps

    I recently got a new 1440p monitor so i decided to crank up my GPU to get the most out of it, while keeping the temps in balance(at least as long as i can). After about 1 hour in Metro exodus(Ultra settings) i had a stable 70-72C GPU temp , 90-93C junction temp and as far as i have read online...
  3. LiamiskoTechDude

    Question GPU drivers crashing (AMD)

    Hey guys i've got a problem with my GPU and that is that when i'm playing games core clocks of the GPU hit 1200Mhz and the game crashes. I've tried underclocking and i've acutally put all the sliders in MSI afterburner to minimum and it still hits those 1200Mhz and crashes and i have no...
  4. Question Amd Radeon Software (Alt+R) Pop-up

    I have this minor issue that has been bugging me for months and still don't know how to get rid of. If anybody is running an AMD cpu would probably get this message whenever opening a video and gets this annoying pop-up. I tried everything to no avail in my AMD Radeon Software and configure its...
  5. haircombeee

    Question XFX Rx 590 Fatboy OC+ Custom fan curve resetting on restart

    My card often overheats using the default fan curve, but any time I restart my pc using an updated fan curve in Radeon Software it reverts back to the original fan curve. I am using the 20.1.4 drivers.