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  1. K

    [SOLVED] Place to get System Disk. Tandy 1000? Personal Computer

    I happen to run across a working Tandy 1000 computer set. (Monitor, Keybord, PC, Printer) for 5 bucks. Is there any place to get a system disk?
  2. L

    LSI 9361 8i RAID Controller Poor Read Performance

    In my brand new Lenovo P710 I have (5) 4TB WD Black drives striped to RAID 5 using the LSI 8361 8i RAID Controller. The read speeds are abysmal. Using the ATTO benchmark tool I'm getting very low marks. With the AJA speed test, only 23MB/sec. I am completely new to RAID configurations and I've...
  3. firebug11

    Reputation of Palit

    Or any information on this card -
  4. stl522013

    Which R9 390 should I get?

    I was planning on getting an Asus Strix OC R9 390, but I read some reviews and apparently there are some cooling issues. I was recommended the Sapphire Nitro. Which should I get? Are there any other i should consider getting?
  5. K

    Motherboard that can support 8+ HDDs?

    I'm trying to build a computer for an i7 5820 with a 980 ti graphics card. I am buying a lot of HDDs, at the very least 8. I could really use some help. I am confused when looking at motherboards how do I tell how many HDDs they will support? I am thinking an SSD for the OS, plus 8 HDDs, and...
  6. H

    Stupid mistake now making hard drive crash on boot screen

    Hi all, I recently bought the MSI 970 Gaming mother board for my pc and I just installed, whilst doing this the options to boot from disk or to carry on were displayed to me. However I restarted the pc instead to use my disk driver. Now the issue is my pc crashes every time on the "starting...
  7. D

    Question about adapters.

    I'm getting an adapter that converts my one molex to 2 molex on my 500 watt psu, my freinds say this will work even if the cards min requirement is 500, but they waraned me to not play heavy games on super high setting, is this correct?
  8. T

    How to reset bios on dell dimension e310

    This started with an I pod, I lost the Icons on the screen and all control. with a restart I got a blue screen. after working with it for a week after work the thing booted with the NO floppy installed press F1 to continue, I was so suppressed I pressed F1 the thing stated. This thing has never...
  9. K

    Msmapi32 ocx on windows 7

    choose component msmapi32.ocx from VB6 but cannot add this component and the system hang. The platform is Windows 7.
  10. G

    Is this worth $599?

    This seems to be a decent deal... what do you think? I am considering buying this because I need a laptop soon and I can pay this off over 5 months and that is the only way I can afford a laptop right now. Please don't just respond with "check out this other laptop", I'd just like your opinion...
  11. F

    Can't install 3 different versions of Win7

    Hi, I'm currently having a very hard time getting Windows 7 onto my Dad's computer. I have already loaded Windows 7 Pro x86 onto two separate computers and have had no problem. But with his computer we're having worlds of problems. The versions I have tried: Win 7 Ultimate x64 Win 7 Pro x64...
  12. G

    Password for dell c600 laptops

    password for dell c600 latitude laptops
  13. C

    Instlling windows 7

    when i install windows 7 will i lose my picture files , etc that are already on my laptop? i don't want to back up loads of files like these if i don't have to!!
  14. C

    I7 860 Turbo mode / OC

    Hi, I'm planning to assemble a new rig with the i7 860 mainly for gaming and movie watching. I want to know if I can run the Turbo Mode all the time - all reviews state that the turbo mode is excellent for gaming. Is it designed to be run permanently? Also, I'm planning to buy either the...
  15. budgy

    Low-powered processor good enough for HD/Blu-ray video?

    I'm looking for a computer for my home theater. I will only stream on Netflix HD, Amazon HD, Youtube HD, and play blu-ray discs. What processor+Ram+graphics card will be have low energy consumption but good enough for HD videos? My friend says AMD A8+Radeon 7560D+8 gigs of ram @ DDR1600...
  16. G

    5.6 Omegas coming this week (?)

    Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati (More info?) Let's hope that Omega has sidestepped some of the problems that seem to be coming with standard 5.6. From the Omega site "First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of communication, as many of you know, I'm an ATI...
  17. G

    Exporting to the web from Premiere Pro 1.5

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hey, I am interested in whats the best settings for exporting web video from premiere. or maybe a critique on whats wrong with how I exported these videos from premiere. Check it out at Send responses to...
  18. L

    quick or full format Brandnew raw hard drive?

    i was installing windows on my new computer the wizard ask me to full or quick format my hard drive, what is the most advisable, and please explain it to me why, thanks in advance...
  19. R

    What upgrades for the best performance boost in games?

    Hello everyone! I've had my system for little more than a year now, and it's been working great so far. I am not terribly good with computers so I was hoping to get some help here. My question is what would be the first thing to upgrade if I want to increase performance in games. Are there any...
  20. K


    Hello,my brother plugged out my external hard drive while i was taking off the bit lock. the drive is currently saying its empty but when u open it your seeing the folders n documents. but nothing is opening with non of the programs on my pc.need help asap.