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  1. G

    Question raid on an old asus maximus viii hero z170

    i bought 4/5 years ago my asus z170 maximus viii hero witch has one only m.2 slot. now i'm wandering i could anyways configure 2 nvme ssds in raid 0 and boot into it; the first one in the m.2 slot of the motherboard and the second one in the third pcie slot (pcie x4 gen3) with an adapter like...
  2. gamerbrehdy

    Question Recommend RAID-CPU & general questions.

    I am currently running a YouTube-channel. Not much, around 35 subs. But ALL of my content (used videomaterial, sfx, vfx, video-images and finished video-exports) are stored on a 500GB 7200RPM HDD (2.5”). The drive is partially used by the raw videomaterial (220GB allready! I made just 10...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Windows won't boot from USB or repair disk.

    PLEASE HELP! NEED A WORKING PC AGAIN 😓 I'd appreciate any help so much, I recently formatted my two SSDs in order to configure them in RAID 0 then install windows on the array. I created the array successfully but when I went to re install the OS, it wouldn't boot from the USB boot media I...
  4. Lailesa

    Question Can i raid 0 with 2 identical partitions from 2 seperate drives?!

    Good Evening!So, i have 2 1TB hdds and i want to partition each of em 200MB and raid 0 these 2 partitions? my question is if thats possible ! ps. I want to do it to increase performance in games ps2. I know that i could just buy an ssd!but no money :p!
  5. C

    Question Second nvme drive not showing when set to raid

    so i previously built a semi new rig and when board is srt to raid mode the second nvme drive is no longer detected. Im aiming to set both drives in raid 0 but this has stopped me from doing so. Pcie raid mode is also enabled for m.2 raid but still same result with only 1 nvme drive detected...
  6. DrDaNkk

    Question RAID - PC randomly freezes and mouse still moves.

    This issue has been documented many times on the internet, here's a link to the issue happening on Windows 7. But, the twist with my PC is the issue is occurring on a RAID array, meaning all known solutions are futile. Could anybody provide any suggestions on how I could solve this? Edit: The...
  7. Themoniter61

    [SOLVED] Re-organizing my storage

    I'm looking to re-organize the storage in my PC. I'm running out of space and running most of my storage on a 2tb drive that has been spinning way too long for me to not wake up every day wondering if today is the day it will die. My setup right now: 1 500gb SSD as a boot drive 1 500gb SSD...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] How to dismantle RAID0

    I had 2 SSDs in a RAID0 and have disconnected them in order to install a new single non-RAID SSD, which is working fine. I wanted to format the old SSDs, so have connected one of them back up, but it is not shown in Windows so I cannot format it. It is shown in the BIOS though. Do I need to...
  9. C

    Question RAID 0 quite slow.

    Hello. So not too long ago I decided to put 3 SSD Patriot Burst, 120GB, 2.5", SATA-III in raid 0, 128kb. I mainly did that because I can store larger games on them like COD where 1 ssd is not enough. But I noticed that even windows... takes like 2 min to load up where when I didnt have them...
  10. ryublue

    [SOLVED] question regarding cloning a HDD

    so i am building a new PC (no parts yet) and one thing i want to do is clone my 2x 128gb SSD's raid-0 into a new M.2 1tb drive. my current mobo dosent support M.2 so i need to wait. but till then i have questions. like will i need to change ownership of the 2x SSD's before i install it in my new...
  11. F

    Question Would a RAID-0 SSD array significantly increase loading speed of an older laptop?

    I'm currently using an older ASUS G75VW laptop with an 860 Evo SSD drive and have noticed that certain programs like Photoshop, Premiere Elements and larger games take quite a while to load (8-15 seconds). I already own a second identical 860 Evo SSD and was wondering if I would see any notable...
  12. Question Installing Windows 10 with Intel Rapid Boot Technology (IRBT) and Intel Rapid Storage Technology IRST)

    i have dell laptop xps 14 L421x and I want to install window 10 with Intel Rapid Boot Technology (IRBT) and Intel Rapid Storage Technology IRST) but in my laptop i have 2 hard disk 500 GB HDD and 32 gb SSD with bootable USB drive in which hard disk i installed and unzipped the Intel Rapid...
  13. Ibo T

    Question Mobo dead, how to access striped volume externally from laptop?

    I have a dead PC with 2 data drives that are windows striped (not hardware raid-0). If I buy a usb raid enclosure, do you think windows will recognize them as a dynamic disc? If not, is there a way to access it externally without a desktop? Thanks.
  14. R

    Question Mixing RAID disks with standalone disk - RAID undetected

    Hello Everyone! I was planning to have clean windows installation, after taking all necessary backups. but then got troubled with RAID configurations. Here is my system specs and followed by my HDD planned configurations: > System Specs: Motherboard: Asus H97-PRO 1x HDD: Seagate 1TB -...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] Should I leave stock OEM raid 0 of two 512gb nmve drives or AHCI of two NEW 1TB NVME in Alienaware m17 r2

    Just got a new alienware M17 r2 . The stock set up is two 512 NVME in raid 0 set up. Baught two firecuda 510s, 1tb nvme ssd's to replace the 512s. Should I do another raid 0 set; up or is performance gain not worth it and possibly catastrophic failure if one drive fails? Internet Forums not...
  16. mrcstalgic

    [SOLVED] DIMM.2, RAID 0 with *2* M.2 Samsung 970 Evo 500GB SSDs?

    I've got a ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore Motherboard with a DIMM.2 Card, and 2 M.2 SSDs from Samsung . Im wondering if I could connect 2 M.2s to the DIMM.2 Card's slots and run those in RAID 0 as a bootable device? I tried looking it up but people were saying that you would need VROC which I...
  17. D

    Question Windows gives me 0xc0000098 BSOD when RAID array is active

    Weirdest thing. This just started happening after I moved places. Basically at this point I have a lot of random problems (unable to upgrade to 1909 being most prominent) but now I have this other unique problem. One day I randomly got the BSOD with error mentioned in title. I was looking for...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to make four 1tb SSD into one external HD

    I am wondering if it is possible to take the four 1tb SSDs I have and make them into one EXTERNAL 4tb SSD HD. IF so, would it be possible to use the external HD for an XBOX for more external storage. Right now I have a 2tb hard drive plugged into my Xbox, but it's a regular HD that spins. One...
  19. A

    Question Issue with HDD to NVMe cloning

    Hi, I recently buy a 1Tb M.2 from XPG : So I downloaded Macrium Reflect to clone my current RAID 0 HDDs to my freshly mount SSD, but got a issue telling me that : The target disk has a incompatible...
  20. S

    Question Can I disconnect my Raid 0 with the power off?

    Hello all, Recently I have taken up a new job where I need an ubuntu build. I have a spare SSD that I want to use for the ubuntu system that isnt currently plugged into my mobo. I was wondering what would happen if I disconnected my RAID 0 drives, and my main windows 10 OS drive, so that I can...