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  1. M

    Question RAID 5 - Intel Raid controller RS3DC040 Failed drive replacement help

    Good evening guys. I have been working on this for 5 days and I am now at a complete loss... I have a custom built freeNAS server with 4 x HGST 10TB SAS drivers (12GB) set in RAID 5 using the Intel Raid controller RS3DC040. For almost 2 years this has been working perfect. Recently one of...
  2. SparkyTech934

    [SOLVED] Converting RAID 5 to RAID 10 Using Intel RSTCLI Tool

    Hi All, I am currently running 4x 4TB WD Gold Re HDDs in my HP Z640 workstation/server. These drives are in a RAID 5 array using the built in Intel(R) C600+/C220+ series chipset sSATA RAID Controller. My goal is to convert the current array from its RAID 5 level to a RAID 10 level. I have...
  3. M

    Question Create a System Backup Excluding Specific FIles/Folders

    Running Windows Server 2012 R2, I would like to create a System backup, though exclude certain files/folders that are already backed up to other media. The server is running a RAID 5 with 3 disks, so I will be backing up a virtual disk if that makes any difference. I'm thinking the Windows...
  4. SparkyTech934

    [SOLVED] How to Transfer Large Amount of Data When Upgrading Capacity

    Hi All, I recently asked a storage question on the forums related to one of my 4 HDDs (in a RAID 5 array) having some uncorrectable sectors after power loss, and subsequently, needing to replace it. I will more than likely be taking the opportunity to upgrade the storage capacity of the array...
  5. SparkyTech934

    [SOLVED] Recovering Data From Offline Uncorrectable Sectors

    Hi All, I am running Windows Server 2019 Standard on my HP Z640 Workstation, and this morning I noticed that my machine had crashed/rebooted. Looking at the logs, it seems that it was a critical kernel-power error, so it must have been a temporary power outage or issue. per usual in these...
  6. S

    Question Raid 5 Enclosure (10gb) Recommendations

    Hello, I am working with Windows 10 Laptop that doesn't have a Thunderbolt port. I am looking for a RAID enclosure with the following characteristics: • Diskless - Enclosure only. • 5 Bay Enclosure (SATA HDD) • 10gb USB-C interface (USB 3.1 Gen 2 \ USB 3.2). • Supports at least 14TB per...
  7. SparkyTech934

    [SOLVED] Understanding RAID 5 and Disk Failures

    Hello everyone! I'm in the process of deploying a new server (running Windows Server 2019) that I plan to host multiple VMs on. I have a RAID and/or Intel RST related question I was hoping someone could help me with. Before I get too far, let me break down the key storage specs of the server...
  8. SparkyTech934

    [SOLVED] Debating HDD Setup for New Server

    Hey everyone! I'd love to hear some ideas/opinions about what I've got going on as I prepare to deploy a server for the first time, specifically about storage setup I'm looking at storage solutions for my newly purchased (used) HP Z640 Workstation. I got it for $360 with the following specs...
  9. F

    [SOLVED] RAID 5 replace drive, cannot rebuild array

    RAID 5 replaced failed drive, now cannot rebuild array ASUS Z390-a mb with 4 2Tb drives in RAID 5 array, has worked wonderfully for the past two years. I had a failure where I could not boot into Windows or my Win10 setup rescue USB. I could only get into BIOS and then noticed one of the 4...
  10. sds20020024

    [SOLVED] 4k video editing off NAS on a Wifi 6 2.4Gbps LAN?

    Hello everyone This might seem a bit strange, but this setup is the only feasible solution I could think of. So this setup is going to be in an RV (recreational vehicle), a 25ft motorhome. The nas and the laptop cannot be in the same place, due to lack of space, and also the layout of the...
  11. E

    [SOLVED] NAS or HDD enclosure for RAID 5

    Hi all, I have a need to build a storage that can handle RAID 5. I've read that if there's a failure in one of the drive RAID 5 can safe the data by changing the problematic drive. From what i understand after changing the drive, RAID will compiling all the data for the new drive and compiling...
  12. tcs.qnap

    [SOLVED] Hot-swapping with different hard drive model and speed

    Hi! I have a 12-bay NAS Storage (12TB Ironwolf Seagate 7400rpm) RAID 5. Question #1: 1 drive is failing is it possible to replace it with 12TB Western Digital 5400rpm? Question #2: I have a no knowledge in hot-swapping. I have QNAP TVS-1282T3. I really cant find a step-by-step how to hot-swap...
  13. L

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to reconstruct RAID configuration?

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H170N-WIFI BIOS Version: F22e RAID System: Intel RST Drives: (4) Intel 540s Series 2.5" 1TB SSD I was momentarily taken over by the big dumb and reset my BIOS settings while using a RAID 5 setup. This predictably wiped the RAID configuration on the disks and turned the...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] NAS Setup LAN speeds woeful

    Hi all, I spectate on these forums regularly but I have never created an account so this is my first post. I'm super new to NAS and I recently purchased a new Synology DS418 and 3x2TB Seagate Firecuda hybrid drives and set them up in a RAID 5 array. Everything was going swell until I started...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] Raid 5 rebuild... help!

    Hi, I have an IcyBox cheap 4 bay raid drive with 4x 1TB WD green drives. A couple of weeks ago they started un-mounting on my iMac (Sierra). Stupidly I didn't think anything of it really, so didn't do a recent backup. Then none would mount (I did a couple of partitions on the 3TB drive total) so...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] RAID1 (OS) and RAID5 (DATA) - Need to rebuild OS

    Hi there, I have a HP server with RAID1 (300GB2)and RAID5 (300GB3). Unfortunatly I have to rebuild the exisiting OS on RAID 1. I have full data on RAID 5. Can I access my RAID5 Data once I rebuild the new OS W2k12 on RAID1? Do i need to disconnect my RAID 5 disks while I'm building the OS? Any...
  17. L

    [SOLVED] Raid 5 - Intel Rapid

    I had a power problem with my WServer 2012 R2 which I think I have solved. All the involuntary restarts played havoc on my RAID 5 Array and I lost a disk. It is a 5 disk system with each disk being 3TB. I have never had to rebuild a disk before. So I got a new disk, popped it in, made it a...
  18. M

    Question Trying to use parity in Windows Server 2019 Storage Spaces

    I am trying to create either a raid 5, or a raid 6 array in my new R730XD running Windows Server 2019, but I am running into a problem. I can create a simple (raid 0), and a mirrored (raid 1) array just fine, but when I try to use any kind of parity I receive an odd error. It errors and says...
  19. J

    Question RAID 5 - Intel Rapid Storage

    Hi! I've set up a RAID 5 array on my computer which has the following specs: ASUS Z370-F motherboard i7 8700K CPU 32 GB RAM. Samsung 970 EVO 500 GB M.2 nVidia 1070 in the x16 slot 2x8 TB drives (my "old" data drives) ASUS Hyper x16 in the x8 slot 2x2 TB Intel 660p in RAID 0 for projects on...
  20. E

    [SOLVED] Apple TV VLC Apps & Raid 5 Versus Raid 10

    I use a ReadyNAS System which i recently changed from Raid 5 to Raid 10 to store various videos on my home network. The VLC app on my AppleTV has been able to read the files, and play them through the App until I changed to a RAID 10 configuration. The RAID 10 seems to be working very well...
  21. gavlar0

    Question Raid 5 Recovery

    Hello, I need your help please, I have had two out of 4 hard drives fail, they were in a raid 5 configuration, the drives still spin up and are readable but my NAS wont recognise them. I want to rebuild the raid using software (unless there is a cheaper way of doing it?) I want to use my...
  22. dimitris_37

    Noise from speakers z530 onboard sound card realtek 887

    Hi to veryone these days i have some strange issue, speakers make anoying noise things that i tried:install reinstall drivers ,try other new speakers ,and the noise is coming even if connect to front panel a headset, the card is realtek887 ,can be faulty the onboard card? pls help !!!
  23. M

    Which monitor is better

    This is a 23.8" monitor. And this is the same monitor but 27". I currently have a 27" 60hz monitor which I use for playing CS:GO and watching videos. Will the 23.8" be too small? also the 27" is 130 euro more expensive. Is it really worth it then?
  24. A

    Need help with my first build

    PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($238.99 @ SuperBiiz) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler...
  25. J

    Is corsair cx 430m good enough for this build?

    My build : Intel core i3-4160 Amd radeon r7 250 Segatte 1tb hdd Kingston v300 120gb ssd Asus h81m-k Will a corsair cx430 m be enough for this build??
  26. M

    AMD FX 4300 max temp help

    Hey guys, i was just wondering what the max temp my fx 4300 should be? i tested it at 100% load and it got to 65-66 max. is that safe? i did a bit of research and some people said 70 or below is okay and others said 61 max, just thought id ask to be sure. Thanks anyway, Matt
  27. W

    How much does my memory(RAM) hold the system back?

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get a noticeable fps boot in games if I upgraded my RAM. Here are the specs: OS - Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit Motherboard - ASRock 970 Extreme4 CPU - AMD FX 8320 3.49GHz GPU - Asus nVidia GeForce GTX 670 4GB HDD - 2TB Seagate Barracuda RAM - 6GB Dual-Channel DDR3...