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  1. PeppermintFangs

    Question Video Editing Storage Workflow

    Hi all! I just wanted to run my video editing workflow by you to see if it makes any sense, or if I have to modify my plan for optimal speed/redundancy/backup/archiving. I will be receiving the raw footage on SD cards, which I will then transfer to my high-speed editing RAID (4 SSDs in RAID 0)...
  2. PeppermintFangs

    Question External Storage for Video Editing

    Hi all! My question is two-fold... 1: I'm trying to find the cheapest way to store my raw editing footage (I'm expecting to have 10TB of footage, give or take) in an external enclosure. It seems that RAID arrays are quite expensive and too complicated for what I'm looking to do. Can I use an...
  3. T

    Question Raid controlled SATA SSD not recognized by Win10 Disk Management

    So here's my situation. I'm configuring a new computer. I started with only my 2 NVMe drives plugged in, set RAID controller in BIOS instead of AHCI, installed windows 10 on one and then formatted the second one in Windows' Disk Management. I then went and plugged my 3 SATA drives, two 2Tb HDs...
  4. Y

    i7 4770 90C

    My friends i7 4770(non overclock because you cant...) is around 80c idle it is using stock cooler -thermal paste hasn't been replaced in over a year. Will a neww cooler fix it?