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  1. naMfoesrever

    Question I can’t get into my raid configurations.

    can somebody please help? I can’t get into my raid config utility. I have it on to shown in BIOS. I’m using a Sony-vaio VPCZ1117FC.
  2. BatchMatch

    Question is Aorus raid ssd 2tb compatible with asus x99 deluxe ii and intel i7-6050x?

    Hi, after some searches, I got this idea to either get an Aorus raid ssd 2tb or build one to upgrade my hard drive speed to max. Currently my motherboard is a Ausus x99 deluxe ii which is gen03 and I can't get those gen04 high speed m2s. But I stuck with some questions and would be rly...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] What card would I need to get this RAID enclosure working with FreeNAS or Linux?

    Hi All, Bought and old enclosure on a whim off Ebay, and slightly regretting it now as I'm not sure it will do what I need. I was hoping to connect it to a regular desktop PC running a Linux server (OpenMediaVault?), or maybe FreeNAS. The enclosure seems to be a rebranded version of this...
  4. 0

    Question Raid controller help

    Hello, I recently setup a raid 5 using a highpoint 2720 8 port controller with 7 WD red 4tb drives. I seem to have the drive working correctly in windows 10. I'm afraid to start transfering data to the array because it's not initilized?. I have never dealt with a raid 5 configuration before only...
  5. B

    Question Best motherboard recommendations?

    Is there anyone that can recommend the best motherboard for a dual gpu/ultrawidescreen setup in conjunction with a raid 0 for 2 SSD's. I think futureproofing myself as much as possible with PCIe 4.0 and possibly wifi 6 integration would be nice. I am looking to budget around $200 or so for the...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] I need to setup RAID 1 on an XP machine using a RAID controller card

    Can I RAID 1 a computer, and not lose the OS by adding a controller card, hooking up the HD currently on the motherboard to the card, and then add another HD to mirror too, without losing existing OS and software?
  7. E

    Question Can I make partitions in a RAID_0 configuration?

    The specs of my motherboard (Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master) say that I could reach the incredible sequential speeds: 3551MB/s (read) & 3063MB/s (write), if I install 3 NVMe M.2 PCIe SSDs and configure them as RAID_0. I’m not familiar with RAID types, by my understanding it means mixing more hard...
  8. K

    970m for 1000$?

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a laptop, and my budget is around 1000$ (can stretch it to 1200) and I really want the 970m and i tried searching laptops with 970m but to no avail (or i just suck at searching) you guys know any laptop that fits the criteria? if not, can you guys recommend a good...