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    Question Asrock Z390 Extreme 4 Setup Trouble

    Z390 extreme 4 w/ i5 8400 3.6g 2x16 ram. Setup RAID1 with two Samsung 850EVO 500Gb SATA drives installed in a generic dual tray hot swap enclosure. A lot of trouble getting the volume built and the drivers loaded as I wasn't familiar with the Asrock MB and trouble following the limited...
  2. K

    Question RAID 1 kinda, sorta problem

    When I was taking a nap, my monitors got blank. The PC was unresponsive and I had to do a hard reset. During bootup, one of the RAID 1 HDDs got labled as bad. There were some werid sounds now and then over the last months so I just assumed the HDD physically died. But before replacing it, I...
  3. ouch

    Question smart errors on Raid components

    I was getting IO errors on large/long read operations on the hardware raid array in my fileserver. As the (Startech) controller didn't support SMART I had no idea as to the state of the disks, so I pulled it apart and hooked the disks up to the SATA ports on the motherboard. I'm having issues...
  4. J

    How do I delete everything off my hdd including Windows 10?

    Hi, I want to completely start new with my hdd I'm thinking it got a virus so I just want it completely gone including Windows 10. Thanks everyone
  5. M

    Getting error 0x00000225 everytime I try to update to build 10240

    Can't update to the lastest build of Windows 10 because of the error 0x00000225, and until now can't find a fix for it
  6. H

    Issue with a wireless network sharing an internet connection between two houses - are my directional antennas my bottleneck?

    I have a wireless network sharing an internet connection between two houses. The distance between the antennas is about 300ft and there is a clear line of sight between the two. We have a HAWKING HAO14SDP Hi-Gain 14dBi Outdoor Directional Antenna at each house hooked into a wireless router at...
  7. S

    NAS to Support 12TB

    A good NAS with 2 Bay to support WD RED 6TB SATA Drives ..Maximum Capacity for NAS is 10-12TB,,Good Suggestions needed??But please NO Netgear!!
  8. L

    PCIe 3.0 Motherboard

    Hello to all. I order a motherboad online with this model Intel Motherboard DZ77SL-50K its showing the PCIe x16 3.0. It is possible my Graphics card 2.0 standard, can work on this motherboard?