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  1. I

    [SOLVED] RAID card for RAID 10?

    I am relatively knowledgeable in the PC building space, but little experience. In my new build I want to fiddle around with RAID a bit just for the fun of it. I want a mix of redundancy and increased speed for my hard drives. From what I could find, which most of it is from 6+ years ago, you...
  2. AzaKairo

    [SOLVED] I can't install Windows Server 2019 on RAID 10 ?

    Hi everyone I’m looking for help, I can’t seem to be able to install Windows Server 2019 after I created RAID10. I have this server Dual Intel Xeon E5420 CPU's with Intel E11003 M/Board 4x2TB. I created RAID in BIOS (Ctrl+ Alt+ E). I have my OS on a bootable USB made with rufus, so raid is now...
  3. michaelbs

    Question How to create RAID 10 with LSI HostRaid 2008 RAID Card

    I've got a Quanta Stratos server with an LSI HostRaid 2008 controller. I've got 24 SAS drives in it. No matter what I do I cannot get configure RAID 10 across all 24 drives. I've no experience with LSI controllers, I've only ever used PERC and I've always been able to generate volumes across all...
  4. M

    Can gtx 1050 support i ball pps 282?

    Can gtx 1050 support i ball pps 282?
  5. C

    port forwarding problem

    Ok i have this problem... am not expert at networking so i dont know how to setup my port forwarding.. i have Netgear D6200 as modem & R7000 As router... now i`m playing online games ( mmo, rpgs etc ) and i`m using vpn`s and ping boosters to boost my lateny but when i checked in my task...