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  1. Rahat_1234

    Question Which ddr4 ram is better?Ramsta or Samsung? Both 2666hz

    Just need a quick tip! My current Ram config is- Slot 1- Ramsta 8gb ddr4 2666hz , Slot 2-Samsung 8gb ddr4 2666hz. I am going to exchange any one ram and replace it with the other one and make both of the ram same. Can anyone help me choose which one is better?
  2. Ezlex

    Question My 3200mhz RAM can only run at 3100mhz ?

    Hey! I have had an issue for a long time and I haven't found any way to fix It yet, so. First of all these are my specs: - MSI Z370 PC PRO - i5 9600k OC 4.9 GHZ 1.3v - Hyperx Fury Black DDR4 3200mhz CL16 2x8GB - Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB I just ran memtest86 on both of the sticks and got 0...
  3. E

    Question occt cpu fail 5900x

    hi, new ryzen user here. i moved from intel to try ryzen, when putting in 1 and 3 memory slot, i am getting "physical core error" when putting in 2 and 4 slot, its all good. tried with xmp on and off, still the same, i have q skill 3200 cl 16 (tested and working) cinebench r23 passes with...
  4. wildan2020

    Question Ram Management between Asus Vivobook and Lenovo Thinkpad T490s

    I have 2 device, Asus Vivobook S14 Intel i5-8th gen and Thinkpad T490s Intel i7 -8th gen. both are using 16gb of ram. but there different between them. When I open Google Chrome with 18 tabs in Asus Vivobook, it's consume almost 3gb of ram. Meanwhile in Lenovo Thinkpad T490s open Google Chrome...
  5. Horizen

    [SOLVED] task manager says i have 8gb of hardware reserved and no solution will work!

    i recently noticed my FPS has been really bad in all games, so i checked my task manager and it said i only had 8gb of memory and the other 8 is "Hardware reserved" ive tried every solution i can find, ive updated my bios swtiched the slots tried new RAM sticks went into MSCONFIG and unchecked...
  6. Abakumka

    Question RAM in GAME

    Hello my dear reader! I got a problem here! I need your help! Games do not use all the RAM they need. What to do? windows, bios, resource monitoring shows that all 16 GB op is available. PC configuration: rx 570 4gb ryzen 5 3500x kingston fury black 2x8 3200 mhz windows 10 x64 home b450 aorus...
  7. ahmadraza64631

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600xt + gtx 1080 + 16gb ram but not good fps for 240 hz

    Hi, My name is Ahmad Raza. I've bought a gaming pc some months ago for Fortnite as a competitive point of view. my aim was to get 240 consistent fps on Fortnite because I saw videos where people with a setup like mine getting 240 consistent fps. here is the setup: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600xt GPU:Gtx...