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  1. Z

    Question Will this rams compatible ? Will there be a risk ?

    Hi, i have a question about Ram, currently i have KF432C16BBAK2 2x8 GB, and i want to add another 8gb, if i use another ram of KF432C16BBK2 will it compatible ? It seems nothing different from those, one with RGB and one not, will it be okay ?
  2. Afpen

    Question RAM not fully used

    Hi, I'm posting this because I have a problem, my laptop has 2 sticks of RAM, each of which has 4GB, so my laptop has 8GB, but only 5.46 GB is usable. I looked for a solution on the internet, and found one way, namely doing Memory Remapping, but when I entered my BIOS (Aptio Setup Utility) there...
  3. M

    Question Laptop screen sometimes turns white ?

    Hello guys, I bought ASUS Tuf Gaming FA507NU laptop about 10 days ago. There is no problem, but very rarely, the screen suddenly turns white. I saw in other forums that they wrote that it was caused by the GPU. Can you help me? Features: 8GB RAM 512GB SSD AMD RYZEN 7735HS CPU RTX 4050
  4. nukinut23

    Question limited to 16gb although my pc has 32gb of ram ASUS ROG Strix GT15 G15 G15CF-IS778

    everytime i try to increase the ram from 16gb to 32gb its already installed but the computer wont boot please let me know what im doing wrong i need the extra ram for work on a java intensive program.
  5. M

    Question RAM OVERCLOCK

    Couldnt find existing thread about this so.. here i am. Hello, I have ASUS Prime X570-P / Ryzen 5 5600X / ASUS TUF 6800 XT / 32GB RAM (2x16) RAM is Kingston Hyperx, model HP32D4U8D8HC-16XR, which runs on 3200Mhz even with XMP OFF on around CL21 not 100% sure, but with XMP ON it has only 1...
  6. G

    Question Ram only works on JEDEC#6

    So i am new to this website, i am not a native english speaker and i do not know much about hardware but i am having this problem. So: i have RAM: 4 G.Skill Ripjaws V F4-4000C18D-16GVK CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite POWER SUPPLY: Thermaltake 700W If you need any...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Two set of two dual channel ram is it worth ?

    Hi, currently I have Asus tuf B660m-plus-D4 with 4 slot ram support dual channel 128gb ram max - Intel i7 12700 support dual channel 128gb ram max Right now I have Corsair Vengeance 2x16 DDR4 3200mhz active dual channel slot 2,4 So if I bought next 2x16 DDR4 3200mhz Corsair Vengeance for slot...
  8. KKun

    [SOLVED] New RAM and PC restarts randomly

    I bought new RAM-sticks to replace my old ones. (Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 2666Mhz --> Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x16GB 3600MHz) After a while my PC started to shut down and instantly turn on again (First while gaming and later on same days during only Chrome usage). I am not sure what the problem...
  9. Lucas Rosa

    [SOLVED] One of my RAM sticks is not giving rgb but the other one is ?

    One of my corsairs is not showing rgb and the other is (DRR5 6000mhz) the system manages to detect the two sticks giving 32GB RAM but I don't understand why to start doing that, my ICUE is buggy only the ram appears to configure rgb rarely I believe this started to do after installing the latest...
  10. R

    Question Error C5

    Error C5 ram Hello, I'm having the error C5 I believe it's from the Rams but from what I researched before buying the motherboard supports XMP and 6000mhz I don't understand I already checked if everything was well fitted I tried to search they say it might be necessary to update the bios even...
  11. Vikstar321

    Question Can't figure out my RAM issue ?

    Okay, before i write the problem bear in mind when it comes to everything pc related aka building stuff i have 0 knowledge. I had 2x8GB RAM DDR4 3000mhz by corsair. I took another 2X8GB from my friend, the only difference between mine and his is that his version is 4.32, mine is 5.32 which idk...
  12. A

    Question Upgrade RAM HP All-in-one

    Hi I have HP All-In-One with AMD A6 7310 and RAM 8gb. I’m using my computer for photo editing (LR, PS). To improve the performance I want to upgrade RAM. Can I upgrade it to 32gb or will it be too much? Is 16gb enough? And what RAM shall I get I don’t know much about computers:/ Thanks for the...
  13. M

    Question Task manager weird readings of RAM

    My pc has 6gb of DDR3 ram, but suddently when i was watching twitch, it restarted on its own. I went to check what was wrong, and in the left corner of task manager only 2gb's of ram were displayed. I thought it was some software mistake so i turned off pc and switched ram sticks (i have 2 ram...
  14. Maduo

    Question Can't run dual channel ( 2x8gb)

    One ram stick has hardware problems according to windows memory diagnostic (tested each stick alone). Could that be a big reason why my pc won't boot in dual channel?
  15. babayaagaa

    [SOLVED] Pc restarts while gaming.

    Hi, My Pc is restarting when I play games.it just restarts as soon as the game starts loading, However, Games runs fine when I removed one ram stick from the motherboard, I have only two ram slots in which I have put 2x16gb total 32gb corsair vengeance ram. the ram was not a kit. i have bought...
  16. R

    Question Help with ram

    Hi, I bought 8gbx2 ram, for the first two months everything was fine and showed 1600mhz but after somewhere 2-3 months left only 665mhz. During the BIOS I tried to watch does not allow anything to be adjusted. Why did this happen? How is it possible to fix this? Motherboard Intel Corporation...
  17. cjwolls

    [SOLVED] XMP BSOD? Crash after seemingly normal operation.

    A link to my previous thread can be found here. To keep thing short, I clean installed OS to fix what I assumed was a bad install. Things seem to be going normally for a bit, then I crashed. I then created my previous thread. I was advised to update bios, and disable XMP. I did both of those...
  18. VennTann

    Question How to know if RAM is Compatible even from different manufacturer?

    Hi, recently I was thinking about doing RAM upgrade, so I look it up on Google and found out that to do the upgrade, the RAM must be the exact same. Currently my laptop has a single channel with Micron RAM attached, can I use other RAM brand as the dual channel (micron , kingston or vgen) or i...
  19. VennTann

    [SOLVED] Does RAM from different manufacturer works together??

    Hi, recently I was thinking about doing RAM upgrade, so I look it up on Google and found out that to do the upgrade, the RAM must be the exact same. Currently my laptop has a single channel with Micron RAM attached, can I use other RAM brand as the dual channel (micron , kingston or vgen) or i...
  20. Johnson21xd

    [SOLVED] How can i fix my laptop not running games on high settings

    My used laptop hp omen 15 2016 isn't running gaming like it should because the specs are good Gtx 1050ti 4gb 16gb ram Display is 3840×2160 Intel core i7 -7700HQ CPU 2.80GHz 2.8 GHz It cannot even run rocket league correctly at low settings And the fans are annoying I open a browser and it's...
  21. R

    [SOLVED] In which Slot Should i install my SINGLE STICK of DDR4 ram !

    i have msi mag b550 motherboard corsair Vengance 16gb x 1 3200mhz RAM in which Slot should i Install it?
  22. I do not know 1 2 3

    [SOLVED] Does memory speed/amount throttle browsing performance?

    I have 10GBs of ram (2GB 1333mhz, 2GB 1333mhz, 2GB 1333mhz, 4GB 1600mhz) and I just wanted to know if buying 8x2 higher speed ram would make browsing faster? Also, I'm buying a new cpu (a better one) and those 8x2 ram I'm talking about. Which one do I buy first to get better browsing performance...
  23. stanko._

    [SOLVED] Intel Iris Xe sharing 50% ram, that is reserved for it only

    Hello, does anyone know how can I lower shared memory of Iris Xe graphics from 4gb to 2gb, right now i have 8 gb of ram so i can't game good, cause my gpu takes half of my ram. Thanks
  24. C

    Question Windows 10 hangs on logo

    I recently added more RAM to my system and now when I start up my computer it hangs at the Windows 10 logo. If I press and hold the power button to turn off and then press it again to turn back on, the second time it will not display anything. Just a blank screen. Then if I repeat that one more...
  25. ca23kr94

    Question Hyperx RAM not working anymore, only RAM's RGB light is turning on but no display ?

    I've bought new HyperX DDR4 RAM for my PC. I installed it in my PC when It arrived and it worked perfectly, I didn't have any problems with it. Then one day I was playing a game when my pc screen froze, I couldn't do anything so eventually I shut it down from the button on my PC, I then pressed...
  26. C

    [SOLVED] RAM speed dropped from 2666mhz to 2400 mhz after installing it ?

    Hello guys. I have the Asus tuf gaming laptop fx505GD which has stock Ram of 8gb @ 2666mhz. I bought a crusial ram 8gb @2666mhz. Suddenly, when i installed the new ram, sto capasity went to 16gb, but tank manager says that speed fell down to 2400. Why this happened? Also another strange...
  27. helpe

    [SOLVED] 8GB of ram installed, only 5,86GB usable on Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ALC6 laptop

    System specs: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Ryzen 5 5500u with AMD Radeon Vega graphics (Vega 7, has 7 cores) 8GB RAM 512GB SSD Samsung Laptop came without OS so I installed Win10 Pro 64-bit from Windows 10 Installation Media and activated it with purchased licence key, everything seemed fine, fast...
  28. AshKats

    [SOLVED] A small problem with one of my two RAM sticks

    Two years ago I got my first gaming pc, I went to a local hardware store ordered all of the components and asked them to build it for me since I was still pretty insecure about [mess] something up while building it. After 1 year and a half I noticed that after around a full day on my pc my...
  29. Martin William

    Question Ram TBG problem

    Hello, I just installed a ArmouryCrateInstallTool an RBG software for my motherboard and when I set the layout what I wanted, the ram lights went out and I installed HyperX NGENUITY RBG software for my RAM and it still didn't light up. Do you guys know what's the problem?
  30. W

    [SOLVED] RAM Upgrade suggestions/help

    I'm planning to upgrade my ram to 16gb, since my current ram is bad and makes problems to my pc I collected some money for new ram. My budget is 120-150$. I need best possible ram (best speed and compability with mobo and cpu). Any BSOD I get is related to memory (RAM). PC Specs: Ryzen 3 2200G...
  31. MrBearIsHere

    [SOLVED] Can I use AMD DDR2 ram on intel?

    I have a system running on Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, and it's motherboard is acer oem motherboard (I think it's msi oem motherboard bc it's saying Micro-Star)......and Ik the motherboard can support up to 6GB ram ddr2, So I found some cheap unbranded DDR2 4GBx1 ram....but it saying it's only...
  32. W

    [SOLVED] What is going on with my system and ram

    My system is constantly going bluescreen of death, every couple of minutes pc freezes or goes BSOD. My RAM speed is 2400mhz but when it is set in bios option DRAM - Auto it will cause even more unstability, when i change ram speed to DRAM - 2144 (2144mhz) it works better, it sometimes can be...
  33. TriZEn

    Question Should I get 2400 MHz CL16 94$ or 2666 MHz CL19 90$ ?

    Both are 2x8GB
  34. OctanGaming234

    [SOLVED] Memory Management Error BSOD

    Hi all, I have made a new build a couple of weeks ago, And I have been having this weird bsod "memory management". I suspect there is something wrong with the RAM, even though MemTestx86 has passed without error. I have tried to run Ubuntu 18.04 as well, But there are no issues, no crashes...
  35. Da_Milky_Daddy

    Question How much Ram do I need at least

    So im saving up to buy a gaming pc next year and i have a question about the rtx 3060 (non Ti/super) can i use 16GB of ram? and does speed of the RAM matter for the gpu?
  36. MorAleFTW

    Question What motherboard can i use for my i5-7600k?

    So i've had my computer for a while and unfortunately the motherboard i have (b250m) doesn't allow for OC and doesn't have dual channel ram slots. (Only able to fit two ram). I have been looking for a new motherboard but I'm confused as to which one i can buy which has both dual channel, and the...
  37. M

    Question Probably dead ram slot?

    So when i first built my pc, i had one ramstick plugged in the 2nd slot and the pc was running fine when one day it just started to work suspicious. I couldn't shutdown my pc without force shutdown. So i brought my pc to the repairs and supposedly it was a ram issue. They changed my ram to a...
  38. smushaheed

    [SOLVED] I want to add 8GB memory to my laptop with existing 8GB memory.

    I'm not sure what 8GB RAM I must install. I'm using Fedora. To get RAM info, I used sudo lshw -class memory This references a Kingston RAM. I was hoping to go for this: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01BIWKP58/?cstrackid=89315117-ce98-43d4-8226-7e3303ba6ffb&tag=micronin-21 Is this good and...
  39. nickp72

    [SOLVED] Not sure if I should get 3000Mhz memory or 2400Mhz memory

    I have my PC right now running 16GB 2400Mhz Ram, I am using the built in XMP profile which makes it run at 3000Mhz. I want to get new ram to replace the 16GB I already have but I am unsure if I should buy 3000Mhz or 2400Mhz ram. My PC is a prebuilt sadly from CyberPower and they told me that my...
  40. JorensNorkus


    So today i was playing FS19 yeah i know who plays that game but i was playing normally then i paused a game and i walked out of my room to help out my girlfriend for 5 mins i came back and see my pc is off. I tried to turn it on but nothing it wasn't turning on then i turned off powersuply and...