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  1. M

    Question old ram not working in new mobo but works in others

    recently, I'v plugged q45t-am motherboard with my old working ram 4gb 800 Mhz. When I turn it on the mobo start beeping, i tried another 2gb 1066 Mhz ram it worked fine , both rams look tha same having same pins, the mobo should be supporting 800, 1066,1333 Mhz fsb (ddr3) .So why it is beeping...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Different Speeds

    Hi everyone, I've been wondering about getting a new stuff for my PC, but first i would like to tell you my sad story xD, So uhm about a year and a half ago, my dad took me to a store in my city and bought me a PC to edit it and turn it into gaming.. So after a time I got my self a new ram for...
  3. Senbonzakura_miku

    [SOLVED] Which is better, 2x4GB CL17 or 1x8GB CL15? Does it matter at all?

    I'm building my rig, and i have two cases. An 8GB G.SKILL Ripjaws V 2400Mhz CL15 (15-15-15-35) or 2x4GB Geil Evo X 2400Mhz CL17 (17-17-17-39)? Should i care about CAS Latency? I usually play games.
  4. ben dover son

    Question My computer is only using half of his RAM

    so for some time now my computer is only using half of the ram (4gb instead of 8) the computer in itself is aware that there are 8gb of ram but in the task manager it only shows 4 , so here are some pictures View: https://imgur.com/a/lFyu5rJ