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  1. nazar21015

    Question Several problems that no one can give me an answer to.Artifacts, random rebooting, mouse click may not register, PSU troubles

    Hello, I hope you can help me answer these questions. Thank you in advance.P.S. sorry for my bad english. I hope you undertend me Problems that have haunted me since buying a computer(old): 1)When my mouse has backlight turned on, sometimes the click may not register(Everything is fine on the...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] asrock a320m-hdv issue compatibility with g.skill F4 3200 8Gb x2

    I have a pc with the next specifications: Motherboard: asrock a320m-hdv Processor: AMD rizen 5 3400G Power: 500w reals Memory:16 gb G.skill F4 3200 C16D 2x8Gb DDR4 Hard disk: 240 SSD SO: Windows 10 x64 The problem is when I start the computer in two minutes a blue screen appears with different...
  3. Z

    [SOLVED] Some processors result in motherboard reporting a RAM error.

    I have an old Intel DP43BF motherboard. On Intel's website, the minimum bios for all processors listed in this is the same (70). The motherboard was purchased with a Core2 Duo E2220, which booted and worked fine. I wanted to upgrade, so I purchased a Core2 Quad q9400. The motherboard reported a...
  4. ermol70

    SFC /scannow Found Errors but could not fix some Corrupted files

    greetings! i was trying to resolve why my windows explorer was always crashing so i run a sfc/scannow then found out that my explorer.exe files are corrupted as shown in the sfc details log. my question is, Can the explorer files which are corrupted be fixed without installing fresh windows or...
  5. S

    Need Case Under £80

    Need Case Under £80 that is full atx with a sidepanel and good airflow