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    Question RAM is working but 3 short beeps from motherboard speaker (AMI beep codes)

    This is for a friend, we are using the IGPU on the motherboard and we are troubleshooting the motherboard using a motherboard speaker. The AMI BIOS is versions 2101. We reached his desktop using a VGA cable on his motherboard since HDMI doesnt work on his motherboard (for some reason) and the...
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    Question Freshly built PC fails to boot

    EDIT: Solved the issue by updating my BIOS, I simply downloaded the update on my mobo manufacturers website and installed it through a USB stick, hope this helps. Hey, Got some new PC parts today and sadly it didn’t go as planned. For some reason sometimes my PC won’t boot. Basically it boots...
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    Will I need a stronger PSU to go 970 SLI?

    This is my build right now: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/73YhrH According to that link and the eXtreme PSU Calculator site I am currently using around 380w (without overclocking). If I wanted to add an additional 970 AND overclock my CPU, would I need a better PSU? If so would 800w be enough?
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    need help with ram

    can i mix ram, i have 1600 mghz, samsung ram that the hp 500-314 came with. can i just buy one more stick of 8gb with the same speed or do i have to buy 2 whole new sticks