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  1. Arber Alb

    Question Wich of those ram memory is better . HELP ME

    https://ibb.co/5jKH9ck Please Check this image and help me chose the best one
  2. Reddit's Adept

    Question Unusual problem with RAM

    Hello guys, I have following issue: with an ordinary reinstallation of Win10x64 LTSC, all RAM was no longer displayed, instead of the installed 16GB, only 8GB is displayed. Before reinstalling, I was update BIOS to a new version (I guess it was bad decision), but after making a backup of the old...
  3. F

    First time making my own pc

    I'm going to try and make my first pc (1920:1080 60fps) does anyone have any tips? As this is the first time im doing this kind of thing. I'm probably going to order it all from amazon.de btw. Anything would be appreciated, thanks. And is it worth it to invest in an ssd? Link...