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    Hi all, I have an MSI B450 gaming plus max motherboard. I have installed 2x16gb ram (ddr4 3200mhz). The bios sees both modules, but it also says that only 16 gb of ram available. these are not the same type of module , one is corsair, the other one is crucial) I had the same issue with the...
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    Question Need help upgrading RAM

    Buying someone some RAM for their ASUSTek P8Z77-V LX motherboard and was wondering if you great people can point me in the right direction. This is the RAM I was looking at...
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    [SOLVED] RAM upgrade confusing problems

    Hello everyone, I have just upgraded my total RAM amount to 64 gb RAM from 16gb, but it is giving me a headache to be honest. First things first: my running setup with configured BIOS for the ram is: Asus B450 Plus Motherboard Ryzen 2700X CPU G-skill 3066 MHZ 16-18-18-38 16gb RAM 550 Watt...