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  1. X

    Question Ram compatiblity in OC

    first of all, i know its old hw, so i think it should be well known here: its an older architecture i want to build, so i guess it s good known here i want to use as platform (mobo) the p9x79 deluxe in combination with the 4930k (to ensure the pci-e 3.0 compatibility), no question about that...
  2. Excustic

    Question Issues with running my ram on 3200

    Hi there, I recently bought a new PC (my first one so bear with me) and noticed that my ram runs only on 2133Mhz. So naturally I did some research, dug into my BIOS and found out that the XMP profile was already chosen and the scaler was on Auto 32.00, and from what I read, when the PC boots up...