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  1. NoobShooter

    Question RAM Not Getting Detected

    Hello, I have Lenovo IdeaPad 320E. It has 1x4GB on-board ram and another 1x4GB dedicated RAM stick. The dedicated stick or slot seems to be not working. In BIOS/Task Manager, its showing 4GB of RAM, also in task manager its showing 1 of 2 slots are in use. Till now I tried removing the stick...
  2. MikeTheBomb

    Question 2 of my ram slots stopped working on my motherboard

    I just bought a new motherboard after my last one had issues with my ram not loading properly. It was an old used motherboard I got off of eBay. I'm now having similar issues with the brand new motherboard and brand new ram could it be a faulty motherboard or another issue my CPU and graphics...
  3. P

    Question RAM slots 1 & 2 not working

    Hi, recently I've realised I've not been running my RAM in dual channel and missing out on some FPS. I've proceeded to try and put my RAM sticks in 2 and 4 (tried 1 and 3 too) but my PC would not post at all. From there, here's what I tried: Testing each RAM stick by itself in each slot, only 3...
  4. Md Noman 1

    Question 2nd ram slot not working

    Hello, I have intel dg31pr with a Pentium dual core and 2gb ddr2 800mhz ram (yah my pc is straight from 2008) i decided to upgrade the ram and got a new 2gb stick it works in the first slot but when put the ram in the 2nd slot (both slots populated) and power it up it throws 1beep a small...
  5. S

    Question new motherboard

    Hi new here. I currently have a ASRock Z97 OC Formula ATX Motherboard which now has 2 ram slots not working for some reason :unsure: I am using a intel core i7 4770k so i am looking for something to run with this. I need to have 4 slots for ram and about 10 usb slots. please help (y)
  6. RohitRaut

    Question Should I upgrade from i5 2500k to i5 9500F?

    My old motherboard has 4 slots for RAM and out of those 3 are dead and hence I cannot buy and use a new RAM on those. Only one 8GB RAM is running now on the working slot and its only a matter of time before it dies as well. My CPU and Mobo are from 2011. My CPU is i5 2500k. Now I have no choice...
  7. D

    Question Pc won’t display with 2 ram.

    Hi guys please help. I recently cleaned the pc and re install all hardware. I have 2 RAMs. When i press power button fans and hdd power on but no display. When i remove the ram in left slot pc works fine. My both ram sticks are working in right ram slot. I tried to remove all ram and power on...