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    Question MOBO XMP Issue

    Hello Everyone! I'm having issues with my new build, PC won't turn on when I use optimised RAM slots (A2,B2) but will boot up when RAM is in A1,A2 however speed is locked at 2666MHz. RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 32GB 3600MHz 2x16GB DDR4 MOBO MSI PRO B660M-A WIFI DDR4 Intel Motherboard BIOS...
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    Question Power/Startup Issue

    I have an old PC here that has problem with starting it up. The PC is connected to a Voltage Regulator, giving power to the PC and pressing the power button right after I power on the Regulator has no problem, the computer turns on normally. However, giving power to the PC and waiting for more...
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    [SOLVED] Qcode 0d and 24. Memory slots b1 and b2 not working

    Here are my specs: ryzen 7 2700x asus rog crosshair hero vi 2x4gb of gskill aegis ddr4 memory geforce gtx 1060 120gb kingston ssd 1tb hard drive 500w Corsair psu I was playing modern warfare warzone the night before this happend with no issues. I woke up the next morning and tried to play...
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    Question RAM slots problem

    Hey, I have MS-7613 mobo with 5.15 BIOS version. Mobo has 4 ram slots (Dual Channel 1-3, 2-4). Before 1 month I had 2x2GB DDR3 1333MHz 1.5V in 2nd and 4th slots, but I got from brother +2GB same spec RAM because he upgraded to ddr4. I inserted brothers RAM in 1st slot but I didn't get a picture...