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    Question Suitable memory for me

    I earlier installed a ram but it was incompatible because of cas # latency. Please suggest me a 8gb ram whose cas latencies matches with my current ram. As I am unable to find the correct latency . My ram is 1600 mhz 4 gb and here is its cpu-z SPD screenshot. https://prnt.sc/v6bgh0. Please, find...
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    Could use a little help with my new Fractal R4 case. Namely, LED light and the fans.

    Hello. I just had my PC assembled in a Fractal R4 case and the LED light is not working. We tried plugging it in a few ways but no luck. I am using this motherboard http://msi.com/product/mb/Z87-G45-GAMING.html#hero-overview So far, the case seems to be doing an excellent job of keeping the...