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  1. A

    Question Very high idle RAM usage

    Hi all, Wondering what the issue could be, if it's even an issue, I've got about 3GB ram usage with a fresh start and about 5.5GB ram usage with all the standard stuff open, a couple tabs of chrome, steam, discord, iCUE. But 5.5GB seems insanely high when I also have a system with 4GB ram that...
  2. T

    Question Why is my PC using so much ram idle?

    I have a very modern pc with 32 GB of ddr4 ram at base clock. When idle, task manager shows my idle ram usage usually around 8-9gb out of 32. Can anyone explain to me what could be using or reserving this ram?
  3. Y

    [SOLVED] High CPU usage after upgrading RAM?

    So I had this setup: Processor: i3-3240 RAM: 4GB GPU: Palit GT 420 OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit And my ram usage always skyrocketed to 90% everytime I play games, but the CPU usage always stay at about 5~15%. It didn't really affect the performance of my games, though it did impact Windows...
  4. C

    Question High RAM usage in Windows 10?

    My RAM usage seems to be very high, even when idle. I have 2 x 4 gb Ripjaws V DDR4 2133 Mhz https://www.amazon.com/G-Skill-Ripjaws-PC4-17000-2133MHz-F4-2133C15D-8GVR/dp/B013J7PF5K Windows 10 uses 60 % of my ram when doing simple things like browsing the web. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  5. ReeDoK

    CPU Temperature is a little bit too high

    I have an Intel Core i5 4460 clocked at 3.20Ghz. While idle the temperature stays at 45 degrees (C) and while gaming reaches even 71 degrees. Is this normal? It reaches 71 degrees even if the CPU usage is 50% and it feels like the performance of this CPU is not the same as before. It could be...
  6. S

    CPU and fps

    I mostly play games at low settings but I'm getting a gtx1050 2gb and core i3-7100 CPU how many fps wil I get in overwatch and csgo
  7. S

    help with PSU

    I'm building gaming PC and i purchased MOBO - Asus prime x370 CPU - Ryzen 1700x GPU - Msi 1080ti gaming x RAM - Corsair Vengeance 16GB SSD - Samsung 960evo 250GB HDD - 4TB Toshiba x300 I have this PSU that i buy it a year ago and i didn't use PSU - Corsair CS850M 850W. I wanna know if its OK...
  8. N

    Best way to erase

    What is the best way to secure your laptop if you are returning it to the store for a different laptop? I have problems with my mouse sticking always. The laptop is a Gateway NE56R41u. Thank you
  9. J

    will acronis true image recognize 2 ssd in raid0 when mirating from hdd

    will acronis true image migrate my single win7 hhd to 2 new ssd's in RAID0?
  10. T

    MINECRAFT sudden 20FPS drop every couple of seconds! HIGH END PC!

    Hey guys, I know the caps in the title may be a bit overkill but this is an issue that is really annoying me. Would like to say that all gpu, cpu and mobo drivers are up to date. My problem is that, after loading mc with a steady 100+fps, I'll start to move and sprint around and then every 5 or...