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    Question Is the Gigabyte iRAM Ramdisk compatible with DDR1 server RAM?

    I recently just acquired one of those old Gigabyte PCI Ramdisks and I've seen some sources say those only support a max of 4 GB of RAM because DDR1 dimms maxed out at 1 GB. However, I just learned that there are 2 GB dimms for DDR1 but they're ECC server RAM. I couldn't find any documentation on...
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    Question Is it possible to use RAM cache of a RAID controller as a RAM disk?

    I saw that some types of PCIe RAID controllers have slots for RAM and a battery backup for that RAM. I know this is meant to be used a read/write cache but is it also possible to somehow use that RAM cache as a hardware RAM disk? There used to be PCI RAM disk cards that would do something...
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    Question HDD, SD, RAMdisk wizardry

    I have two big issues stemming from programs that are badly optimized. I have come up with possible solutions for each of them and i would like someone who isnt a total noob to give me a reality check on them. ISSUE1: 32bit but using too much RAM A particular game i absolutely love is now close...
  4. Question Why is a traditional RAMDisk faster than a GPU RAMDisk?

    I tried out the GPURamDrive software by prsyahmi on GitHub and I created a 5 GB RAM Drive using my nVidia RTX 2060's GDDR6 RAM. I also later created a 4 GB RAM Drive using AMD's Radeon RamDisk software. Using CrystalDiskMark6, I ran benchmarks on both RAM Drives as well as my main Samsung 850...
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    Question Cpu light red for a second turns off and turns on again still red

    I replaced my mother board today and my powersuply as well as upgraded my cpu. I have had experience with replacing parts but starting of with putting everything on my mother board was new for me. When I hit the power button my pc turns on the cpu light turns red and the the pc turns off. After...
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    [SOLVED] Static persistent route for internet access

    I have a GSM Router used for internet access that has a local IP address of Any PC (with DHCP on) Connected to the GSM LAN ports will receive below IP structure and allows internet access 192.168.8.x SM DG I have another PC (PC2) that I want to give...
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    Acer E5-511P Touchpad

    Hello, I recently reinstalled Windows 8.1 on an Acer E5-511P. Once the install was completed I did have to reinstall the network driver for internet access. So I did download the network drive from the Acer website - perfect, works fine. However, I downloaded the driver for the touchpad and...
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    Graphics card not working after upgrading to Windows 10

    I recently bought a mixed reality headset by Lenovo that unfortunately required me to upgrade to Windows 10 from windows 7. And since doing so my graphics card seems to fail to start, it will.spin for a few seconds and then turn off just before log in and dont give a signal from any ports..I'm...
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    [SOLVED] Pc fighting games

    I have a friend who told me getting fighter games like mortal Kombat and street fighter on pc was dumb because they aren’t optomized for the pc. Is this true and if its not do any pros play on pc? I have an xbox and enjoy some fighter games on that so maybe i shoukd just buy them on xbox?
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    [SOLVED] gsync 1440p 144hz choosing between these cards

    So i'm between strix 1070,1070 ti and a zotac amp extreme 1070 ti. Which one should I choose? I'm really not sure. I mainly play overwatch but I play some aaa games. I was planning on getting a 2070 but then I saw that the 2070's are also dying. I'm not planning on overclocking at all.
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    [SOLVED] 3 monitor setup, works fine until I log in to my company's remote desktop

    Any advise? I already right clicked on the remote desktop link and under edit-display clicked the box to use all monitors for remote session. Still nothing. Main monitor is hooked up via displayport, the other 2 are dvi connections. Video card is Radeon HD 5450 512MB. Thanks.
  12. J

    AMD versus NVIDIA, OpenCL, and video editing.

    Hey folks, I am starting a build project. I've been NVIDIA for two decades for no other reason than that's what my buddy an I have always done. However, in recent years I have been using Sony Vegas for editing work. I've read that the OpenCL works better with AMD graphics cards than it does...
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    Computer wont boot when GPU is installed

    Computer wont boot when GPU is installed. This happened overnight. Fans spin for less than 1 second when computer is switched on and after that nothing else happens. Tryed another GPU on same computer and it works. Using the faulty GPU on another computer makes that computer act the same, fans...
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    Dual Channel DDR3

    I have an older computer, with four memory slots. One bank is running in dual channel mode, and the other isn't. Is the single channel set slowing down the computer?
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    Rest of the tapes are playing in 4:3 ratio in between and half of the video plays correctly in 16:9 ratio how is this possiabl

    Some of the tapes are playing in 4:3 ratio in between and half of the video plays in 16:9 ratio, how is this possible.
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    Good for gaming???

    Hello guis im new to the forum, i hawe a question i want to purchase this config for 150€ and i wana ask if its ok. Intell core i3 4360 3.7ghz Rx 460 4gb Saphire Nitro 8gb Ddr 3 1600 1tb hdd Asus Z97-K rev2.0. I look forwoars to response Cheers
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    Laptop RAM compatibility

    Hello, I have a lenovo laptop which has come with a 4gb RAM. I want to attach another 8gb RAM (making the whole system a 12gb RAM). I am checking my RAM configuration by an application CPU-Z. It is showing, Type - DDR3 DRAM Freq - 798.1MHz. Can I add 1600MHz RAM to my existing 800MHz RAM, or...
  18. L

    Cinebench score for Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.8ghz is lower than score at 3.2ghz

    I had just built my first PC and tried to overclock for the first time. I followed a guide to overclock my Ryzen 5 1600 to 3.8ghz with voltage of 1.3v offset by +0.0315v and change a couple setting in the Bios . The guide link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBmVf0S4UDs The computer boot...
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    Asus RT-AC88U - pppoe?

    I fear that I may not be able to do this with my current router but thought I would ask to be sure. I am in the UK with an ISP called Vodafone. They have provided a modem/router which does not have a bridge mode as such. I can turn off all the DNS and Wifi settings etc but not turn it fully...
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    Will my motherboard work well with my GPU?

    Motherboard: F1A55-M LK R2.0 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 CPU: AMD A4-3400 RAM: 4GB DDR3 Question is, will my GPU work well with my mobo? is there some kind of relationship with GPU's and Mobo's? I'm planning on buying a new mobo and cpu. Any suggestions? something that would go well with my GPU...
  21. jpishgar

    How To Fight The FCC On Net Neutrality (Opinion)

    Net neutrality is no laughing matter, and the future of the internet is currently at stake. How To Fight The FCC On Net Neutrality (Opinion) : Read more
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    Having trouble playing games, can I breath new life into current rig, or should I start over?

    I am getting around to playing games that just don't run well with my current hardware. I've thought about just upgrading my graphics card, but started wondering if I would hit another bottleneck if I only do that. So, based on the info below, can I strategically upgrade, or should I just...
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    Is motherboard compatible

    Ok here is a thing.My friend wants to buy this pc Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33ghz and he is wondering will it work propertly on this motherboard MSI 760GM-P23(FX)(MS-7641)
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    Reason for crashes?

    Since i bougth my desktop pc im having the same problem wich is random crashes, not all the time and not in all the games i play. The symptons are as follows: Im playing normaly, then the screen goes black in the following 2 to 3 seconds the sonds dies as well, and to use the pc again i have to...
  25. Z

    XMP upping speeds to a strange level, is it safe?

    Hello, I have an asrock z77 extreme4 mobo. This is the RAM I have: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233186 I changed the XMP profile under "OC tweaker" to XMP 1.3 and DRAM freqency to 1600. This should have set my speed to 800 MHZ in CPUz, but it's showing 899.9 mhz. Is...
  26. M

    CPU at 90% load while GPU is at 30% load

    Hi i recently picked up a new graphics card and ive been noticing that the performance doesnt match the videos ive seen on it. Basically im getting way lower fps than i should and my cpu is constantly at around 90% load while my gpu is barely being used sitting around 30% load. Is there anyway...
  27. T

    cant open my dvd player

    i have a lenovo ideapad 300 but i have windows 10 on it have no eject button and i have a dvd player how can i open it because there Is no hole for a paperclip/needle
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    what happens if you put 80w cpu in 95w motherboard

    my motherboard supports 95w tdp can I go lower than that
  29. D

    Far cry 4 low fps

    Decided to try out Far Cry 4 and near towns. Even with low settings I still have bad fps. For example when getting near a town I get 50 to 40 fps while when im not near then I get 70-80 fps sometimes even more. I have an Omen laptop with a gtx 1070 and a i7-6700HQ processor.
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    First Pc build questions

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/WCzhwV Is this a good first build? Updated
  31. R

    2 disks raid1 with one more hdd extra

    Hello, i have a pc with 2 disks in raid 1... Can i plug 1 more hdd without raid? I want the second hdd alone and the other 2 stay in raid1
  32. I

    zotac GT 730 2gbddr5 in 300w psu

    hi guys,I am planning to buy a gt 730 2gb ddr5 but now i am confused whether i could run with my 5 year old rig with a 300w psu.my specs are 4gb ram i52320@3ghz asus bronze 300w(80+) lg optical drive a mouse,keyboard,wifi router,speaker,monitor etc:-)
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    intel core i4-7400k with intel h110 chipset motherboard

    I bought an intel core i5-7400k and an asus h110m-e/m.2 motherboard and I just noticed it said that h110 chipset motherboards might be noncompatible or need a bios update to be used together. What do I do?
  34. imatree

    What do you guys think of my first build?

    This is my first build. I am looking to play 1080p games at high, very high, and ultra settings with at least 60 frames (turning settings down from ultra to very high or high is fine). The most demanding games i will probably be playing are gta 5, just cause 3, fallout 4, and witcher 3. I have a...
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    What connections do I need for my home audio system schtb485

    I have a new Panasonic home theater audio system but not sure how to connect to my TV? What connectors do I need. The instruction book is not very helpful?
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    Random automatic alt+tabbing out of games "WHILE TRYING TO PLAY"

    Hi this is a new annoying issue that my pc has i want to find out whats causing the issue and hopefully how to fix it. So while im playing any game it randomly alt+tabs out so i have to click on the game which is now mysteriously running in back ground to continue gaming again its very much...
  37. U

    PSU for my PC

    oK i have the next PC: GPU:Nvidia GTX 960 G1 Gigabyte 2gb CPU:Amd FX 8320 8c 3.5ghz 2 SATA WD 1TB x1 DDR3 RAM Hyper x 8gb 1666 x1 fan 120mm i have an asus m5a78l-m usb3.0 and a very bad psu Apevia 680w so i want to buy one CX450WM and another MB a Gigabyte Ga-78lmt-usb3 Is this going well for...
  38. M

    Help ! Upgrade fx 6300 to i5 6400 or gtx 770 2gb to gtx 970

    Hi ! I need to know if I need to upgrade my cpu or if my cpu can run my gtx 970 without bottleneck !!! My build : gtx 770 2gb ga-78mlt-s2p fx 6300 oc 4.1 ghz 600b +80 Bronze 8gb of ram ddr3 1600mhz 2x4gb
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    Help! Computer turns on but nothing boots up

    A while ago my PC stopped working. When the tower was turned on, the fans turned on, but eventually turned off. Nothing booted up, just the fans started spinning, but the monitor said signal missing. The only way to turn it off was to hold the power button, or unplug it completely. I believed...
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    PC wont turn on.

    So my computer will not turn on. It passed the paperclip test. I have tried unplugging everything except Motherboard power, 1 stick of ram and CPU and it still won't turn on. I also removed the CMOS battery to try and reset it with no sucess. There are LED lights on the mother board that are on...