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  1. DJ Cheesebugga

    [SOLVED] Internet cuts out for a short time but back up instantly

    I will be playing a game but and random my internet will cut out for like a millisecond and I will be able to reconnect to the game if possible, but this gets so annoying. This doesn't just occur on my pc which is connected via ethernet but it also occurs with my console (Ethernet) and my phone...
  2. Jeckylll

    Question My new PC behave weirdly and Sometimes Reboot itself

    Pardon my lack English but while ago i bought new pc with this specifications : Ryzen 3600 with stock cooler Asrock Steel Legend b450M Corsair vengeance ddr4 2666x2 2x 1gb sata hdd + 128 sata ssd Aerocool lux 550 psu. And using my gpu from my previous system inno3d rtx 2060. So after few days...
  3. M

    Is this a good GPU?

    Not many people have talked about this GPU? No videos either. Is it good? Gtx 780. 03G-P4-2783-KR