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    Question random reboot/shutdown

    so i just upgraded from fx 9590 with a asrock 970/a-g 3.1 with a 107 hybrid, 1000 watt supernova G3 psu, and h1000i v2 cooler to a ryzen 3600 with the gigabyte pro wifi and 3600 mhz trigent g rgb ram. everything else is the same, and so far since.. friday the 5th i believe, maybe the day before...
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    Question Pc rebooting randomly

    Hi there! I've just put together a build (ryzen 3700x,asus 2070 super, msi x570 pro carbon wifi, samsung pm981 512GB) and it's stressing me out reaaaaaally hard. It won't allow me to update my graphics driver because 'it isn' t compatible with thr current version of Windows' (managed to update...
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    Question PC Random Reboots

    Hello for the past month I have been having random reboots while on my pc. Sometimes it's a few hours before it shuts down and other times is every 5 min. I have a Thermaltake 600w smart series psu that I thought was the issue so I RMA'd it. They sent me a refurbed one and my pc ran fine all day...
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    Question Pc Random restarts

    Hello guys, i've been having trouble. My pc kept restarting. I tried following instruction on youtube and windows forum but it doesn't work. I cleaned my pc, replace my cooling system,bought a ups, add ssd for the os, and i bought a new psu cooler master mwe 450w. After i replaced the psu it...
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    Internet is always off everytime i restart/ shutdown desktop

    What causes internet to be off everytime i restart/ shutdown my desktop till i restart router to fix it ?
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    My first gaming computer...

    So I finally completed my build yesterday and I am super happy other than some cooling, it looks and runs great...other than it being SUPER hot in SoCal this weekend I feel once the temps come down my computer will run much cooler...fans weren't in my build but did move them around for better...
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    Hooking up dual monitors

    Hello, I have a Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming (rev 1.0) motherboard and i am trying to run a dual monitor set up. I do not have a graphics card. There is only 1 HDMI port and there appears to be no VGA port. Question is, what is the best way to hook up two monitors given this configuration? Do i...
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    AMD APU + DEDICATED GRAPHICS , Does not use the dedicated memory , please help

    As mentioned in tittle , the problem is that my laptop has 2 GPU's , one that is amd a4 3305m APU with HD graphics (that are HD 6480G) ,and the PCIe controller or whatever its called , picks up the 2nd GPU , that is the HD 7450m (wich has 1GB DDR3 Dedicated memory) . So the problem here is ...
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    Is this board sufficient for a home build router?

    I am looking to purchase This motherboard for building a home router to be used either at home or wherever I go really. I intend to take advantage of the fiber ports and likely add a wireless card to it as well. This will be a new project for me so as far as "needs" i don't care about, its...
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    Annoying Windows 10 Problems

    So I've been having problems with windows for a while now. And it's really annoying but basically here are the annoying one, that I would love if someone could give me some tips to fix. So I always crash. It happens a lot, where I turn my computer on so it goes to the lock screen, and then after...
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    What windows on old laptop

    pentium t2060 1.60ghz gma 950 1gb ram What windows should i install and do i need any antivirus because i think i dont need it cuz it will take a lot of ram memory Can i run minecraft,black ops 2 with this specs?
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    Moving my HDD to a new computer

    The last part of my PC comes tomorrow and I am wanting to transfer my current HDD over to the new build. I contacted microsoft about my windows licence and they said if I move my old HDD over to my new computer it would allow me to run my current licence without buying a new verson of windows...
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    Going from 750 GB to an SSD 128 GB with Windows 7

    The 750 GB HD is partitioned into a C, D and E drive of 100 GB, 500 GB, and 50 GB respectively. I imaged the C: drive onto the new SSD using the entire space available on the SSD (128 GB). I disconnected the 750 and then started the machine up using the Recovery Disk. Remove Recovery disk and...
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    i have a dell inspiron 530 i tried playing the sims 4 but a message pops up saying cannot run with the video card i have help?

    I am lookig for a store that has a video card Processor:intel core 2 duo CPU e4400 2.00 Ghz Memory:2037mb Sytem type: 32bit Running windows vista home premium (basic)
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    Newbie with a few questions concerning Graphic cards

    I am a newbie when it comes to computers and I am seeking help with choosing my Graphics card as well as my PS if needed. My computer is a HP Pavilion p6210f Part #: NY544AA#ABA my goals are just to run a few decent games such as Skyrim on low to med graphics I do not play much just when...