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  1. Bodo69Boss

    Question Any version of Vegas Pro randomly restarts my PC ?

    Recently I tried to do some editing using Vegas Pro 20 with the help of some friends that knew the program and guided me how to edit in it. I successfully got to edit a small video, not too long somewhere between 12 and 22 seconds I think. The interesting part comes next, I selected render, the...
  2. Deadlyxxx

    Question My computer restarts literally random

    Hi I have the following problem. My computer restarts literally random, whether I'm playing or doing nothing, it restarts on its own. It is NOT a temperature because everything is literally normal and as I said, even while sitting on a desktop without doying anything it restarts. I changed the...
  3. D

    Question Windows 10 PC Randomly started restarting it's self today.

    So, never had any problem like this but today, oh man, my PC keeps restarting every almost 2 hours. The screen freezes, the sound does too and after a little while it just restarts. I checked out the windows event viewer and I get 2 errors at the same time. Here is everything I could find...
  4. C

    Question PC crash after startup, but not reset

    I've been struggling with a crashing issue for what feels like a year. I've been putting it off since it used to be random and very infrequent. But it has finally progressed to a point where the problem is repeatable/testable. Where I'm At My PC crashes every time I power on. It happens...
  5. Shlutka

    Are my pins bent??

    Currently building my PC, and its not posting. Everything turns on but nothing shows up on the monitor. I think the pins may be bent but I'm not sure http://m.imgur.com/m0OKJjl