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  1. C

    Question PC/Windows randomly shuts down

    so i switched computer but kept my GPU, RAM and HDD, it was all running fine was running games smoothly, but then i go to play another game and the PC just shuts down with no warning i was trying to find what was the problem and it happened some more times, it continues to shuts down but this...
  2. RalphJoy22

    [SOLVED] Shutdown when Gaming (CPU or PSU or RAM) - Need help?

    Greetings to everyone, I am hoping to receive some help from experienced members on here regarding the issue I am facing. My desktop is kinda old, almost 4-5 years now and I don't usually use it for graphics intensive gaming either. (I use to game heavily back in the day - not anymore. Only...
  3. Bentheball1

    [SOLVED] screens go black and fan goes to 100%

    sometimes when i'm playing games, my screens randomly go black and my gpu fan instantly goes to 100%. i ran heaven benchmark earlier today for an hour with no issues but i played fortnite for 5 minutes after and it did the black screen thing. i've included the problem details that windows gave...
  4. V

    cant access desktop... please help

    i cant access desktop, cant restore down tabs. when i click win key, it shows like this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6xBzVU51bZ1anY0ZkdpLTlRczQ