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  1. MikeTheSurfer

    Question Has anyone solved random shutdowns once and for all?

    Ok so I have seen hundreds of questions like this, is there a definite fix to the monitor randomly losing connection. My main belief is that it has to do with the GPU. I have a RX 580 gts xx black edition. I already sent the card back for RMA and when I got the new one there was no difference...
  2. C

    Question random reboot/shutdown

    so i just upgraded from fx 9590 with a asrock 970/a-g 3.1 with a 107 hybrid, 1000 watt supernova G3 psu, and h1000i v2 cooler to a ryzen 3600 with the gigabyte pro wifi and 3600 mhz trigent g rgb ram. everything else is the same, and so far since.. friday the 5th i believe, maybe the day before...
  3. R

    Question Worth to buy an mini keyboard for moba/fps?

    Hi, Recently i found this new keyboard ( Trust GXT 888 Assa) and got my attention so bad, I'd like to hear your opinion about it. Should I buy it?
  4. I

    Question PC Shutting Down Mid-game, How to diagnose a bad PSU?

    Hey guys how’s it all going? I’ve been reading a ton of threads with my current issue which is the fact my newly built PC won’t last 10 minutes in Apex legends without shutting down, judging by all the posts I’ve read they’ve all been suggestions to upgrade the PSU, my problem however is that...
  5. T

    Question Overclocking on the GA-F2A68HM-S1?

    I have an old athlon x4 860k and gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-S1 motherboard lying around. So, I would like to know if I can overclock my cpu with that motherboard? I also have the stock cooler for the procesor, so a little advice on a cheap good overclocking cooler would be nice as well. Thanks! :)
  6. S

    Question No display after ram upgrade

    Hi everyone, i bought i new sumsang 2gb ram 800mghz for my pc and when plug it in my pc turn on but there s no display on the screen. My pc is an HP pro 3130M with 2 sticks of 2 gb same as the one i bought. Please i need help as fast as you can
  7. T

    Question Possible to clone own mic?

    Hi everyone! Long story short when i go to "Sound > Recording > Properties > Enhancements" i want to enable "Noise Suppression" but when i do, it sounds awful on Discord but it sounds really good when i record stuff like video games and such. Is there a way to make a "copy" or a version of the...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] What do you guys think of this 1440p build? Any suggestions

    I'd like to build my first gaming computer and wanna make sure I'm not going overboard with the system, but I wanna run 1440p at ultra high settings on every game (WoW, BO4, Fortnite, Apex Legends, etc and be above 60 fps). I'm not really worried about the price. I plan on getting a 1440p at...
  9. keyetmoist

    Question NZXT Case

    I’ve seen numerous reviews about the smart device for the H700i and I’m not sure if I should get now. Is there anyway to connect the fans and pre-installed rgb’s to the motherboard instead of the smart hub, or must it stay in the smart hub?
  10. L

    Rgb fans for gigabyte board

    i got 3 rgb pc cooler fans, connected them to the fan ports on the motherboard which is a gigabyte z390 m gaming but i cant ge the rgb on the fans to even turn on.
  11. W

    [SOLVED] CSGO problems with FPS 1060 6G

    Hello, I have problems with FPS in game, I have Geforce gtx 1060 6G and i have 80FPs but i have very big drops. MB: ASUS m5a78l - m lx3 CPU: Amd FX 8300 GPU: GTX 1060 6G I tried overclock for my CPU, and this is what i did: https://imgur.com/a/vJZKK4v Can you help me? thanks for any...
  12. R

    Which should I upgrade to? 2400Mhz vs. 2666Mhz

    Hello, so I plan on upgrading my memory soon to 8 Gb I'm stuck on deciding whether to just add another stick of 4 Gb DDR4 2400 Mhz, or upgrade to a newer 4x2 8 Gb DDR4 2666 Mhz set by Team Delta? Here are my specs: CPU: AMD A8-9600 APU GPU: GTX 1050 Ti Mobo: Biostar A320MH-Pro PSU: 700w PSU...
  13. J

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3 1200 temp spikes +10C after OC

    Hello, I just oc'd my cpu today to 3.9ghz, 1.4v (haven't tested stability yet) and when on idle i watch it doing some temp spikes every 10 seconds. For example from 43 to 53. I saw some articles saying about ryzen master causing this but i didn't have it installed. Anyone?
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Computer randomly freezes, windows 7

    Alright, so for context, I've had my system for about 3-4 years now, but as of about a week ago, it has started to randomly freeze, regardless of what I'm doing or if there is any load on the system at all, it just happens seemingly randomly, requiring a hard reboot to fix, it never lifts or...
  15. P

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3 build + gtx 960

    Im building this pc and i want to make sure that all the parts will work well together. But most importantly, i need to know if the PSU i chose will be good for this build. -MSI B450M -RYZEN 3 2200g -Corsair vengeance LPX 2x4GB 2666mhz - be quiet! B9 80 plus Bronze 450w - GTX 960 2gb - i have...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Computer turns on and off, but can't find the culprit.

    So, it's quite a long story. I have had this pc which I built myself for 3 years. I clean it regularly with just air every month and in depth every 6 months. Time of cleaning came, I did what I always do, when I tried to star it up again the dreaded turning on for 3 secs and then off another 3...
  17. V

    [SOLVED] i5 6600 non-k vs ryzen5 1500x cinebench scores

    I have 2 set ups one with i5 6600 non k(oc'd to 4.45ghz) scoring 710cb on cinebench. while the ryzen 5 1500x on stock scores 830 on cinebench. Not unless the gpu plays into a factor into the cpu scoring in cinebench. I don't get this score. is the ryzen that much better than the i5 6600? from...
  18. B

    Where gone 200 mhz???

    Hi. Just interesting where gone 200 mhz speed from my cpu that should be 3900 mhz on turbo mode, but hwinfo, and msi afterburner shows only 3700 mhz when gaming, or on load. Temps are nice cpu and gpu holds around ~60 °c. i7-3770 H77-G43 Gtx 1060 6 gb Thanks.
  19. L

    I think my cpu it too hot especially when it’s idle.

    I have a Ryzen 5 2600x and at idle it gets like 79-90+ degrees and goes over 100 degrees on games. I am not sure why could anyone help.
  20. F

    Headphones started having a buzzing noise after windows update

    I can't remember if it was the day after a windows update but when I came home from work and turned on my PC there was no sound from headsets and my mic's level was set to 0, I reset my computer hoping to fix it, which it did but now it's got buzzing static noise coming from it no matter what I...