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    Question Random WIFI password change daily with Zyxel script

    Hi, I would like to ask you, that on a Zyxel USG60 device to configure the wifi password to change automatically daily, and this password send to a specific email address. How can I solve this with a script? Thank you in advance for every response, Regards, Attila
  2. B

    Question PC randomly shuts down, refuses to power on despite mobo/gpu power led is on

    just built a new system and been using it for a few months with no issues at all, the 1st instance of the random shutdown happened early may when my pc suddenly shuts down without warning as if the power has been cut off, but mobo/gpu are still receiving power as the leds are still lit, tried...
  3. R

    Question PC suddenly restarts when playing games

    My PC details:- Processor: AMD FX-6300 Six Core CPU (3.5ghz/8mb cache/am3+) Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 (DDR3, USB 3.0, 6gb/s Memory (RAM): 8GB Kingston Hyper-X Fury Dual-DDR3 1600MHz (1 x 8gb) Graphics Card: 2GB AMD Radeon R9 270X - DVI HDMI, DP-DX 11, Eyefinity 4 capable Power Supply...
  4. N

    Question Brand New Power Supply, PC randomly Blacks out and reboots.

    So recently I was playing games as usual with my power supply that I had been using for a about 1 and a half years no problem and it randomly went black and wouldn't turn back on no matter what I did. Tested with some low power ones around the house and it was no problem so the PSU was dead...
  5. D

    Question Computer freezes randomly

    Built this computer in November 2017. It has been randomly freezing while playing games, browsing the web or just while on the desktop since the beginning but it's gotten much worse as of late. It doesn't freeze completely, inputs still register but audio and video freeze up for 5-15 seconds...
  6. Rudy La Fontaine

    Question Asus ROG G20AJ tower making obscenely loud noise out of nowhere

    Didn’t know if this was the correct forum/subforum to ask this, but starting recently my (~$800, barely a few years old) tower has been making a disturbingly loud humming noise that last lasts roughly a few minutes before dissipating. It seems to sometimes (not always) happen upon awaking from...
  7. O

    Question PC randomly restarts

    So I just finished building a new pc and it will just randomly restart, usually during gaming. All of the parts (except the HDD) are under a year old and I have tried multiple solutions. I have reinstalled windows and reformatted both hard drives, unplugged and plugged back in the psu leads...
  8. Dood76

    Question Asus VX238H Turns Off After a Few Minutes

    Hello, I am currently using a two monintor setup, my main monitor being the Asus VG248QE and my second monitor is the Asus VX238H. I have not had any issues in the past, but recently I have been having some. My main monitor (VG248QE) is working fine, but my secondary one, the VX238H is having...
  9. S

    Question PC shuts down Windows 10

    so recently i have been having a issue that my PC. it stops sending a signal to my monitor and stops sending power to all USB devices i have a tempered glass case. i can see that all RGB lights stay on like the PC is still running my build is RTX 2070 asus Turbo . AMD R7 2700 16 GIG ram...
  10. V

    Question Random disconnects driving me insane

    Hey everyone. I have always turned to you guys when I had computer issues, and I honestly think this is the most helpful place on the internet to ask for help, so I present to you, the most frustrating issue I have had the pleasure of experiencing. I will post a quick summary here, and then...
  11. I

    same amount of fps regardless of options and resolution

    Hello i am having an strange problem and that it i get a very set amount of fps in each game regardless of what resolution or graphics settings i use , if i can get 150fps on ultra and native res i can only get the same amount on very low on a very bad res i used afterburner to check the temp...
  12. R

    [SOLVED] Gtx 760 with low usage

    Hi i recently bought a gtx 760 to replace my gt 710 but the problem is that the gpu usage is below 30 i uninstalled the gpu driver using udd and i downloaded the latest gpu driver from nvidia and the problem is the same i even disabled all power saving fonctions and same thing i suspect it's an...
  13. 1

    Need suggestions for gaming storage set up (6 TB set up + Intel Optane).

    I am planning a new build and already have some parts, now I have to figure out my storage set up. I'm new to this Intel Optane memory accelerator concept. The way I understand, it is a way to get faster load speeds on your HDDs? At first, I was disappointed because I read Optane could only be...
  14. B

    PC Build compatibility

    I have this PC build: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600x RAM: DIMM DDR4 2x4gb 2400MHz GPU: GTX 1050ti 4gb Motherborad: AsRock AM4 AB350M PRO 4 Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO and everything is going inside Rhino 550W RX456 is this build compatible ?
  15. J

    Update bios using windows or usb?

    I got this mobo and i need to update it for a ivy bridge cpu im replacing the sandy bridge with and my motherboard cd has a app for updating the bios in windows but im not sure if it will work so i might use it with usb,so what is the better option? Motherboard:Foxconn H67MX-V
  16. C

    Evga 280mm AIO cooler loud fans?

    i just purchase this aio and i was wondering if they have really loud fans or mine is off or something if anyone could let me know or if there are different fans that are good and quite i can go with this is the cooler i got...
  17. L

    Asus CEO: Intel 14nm CPU Shortage Has Affected Business

    Asus CEO Jerry Shen says the company has seen shipments to the builder community, including motherboards, impacted by Intel's current CPU supply status. Asus CEO: Intel 14nm CPU Shortage Has Affected Business : Read more
  18. U

    Weirdest case I've had to deal with

    My computer is weird, before problems came about i was having occasionall system slowdowns where mouse would and frame rate would hit rock bottom (zero) and than return to normal. I reinstalled my graphics driver as suggested on a blizzard forum since this issue only really showed up on the game...
  19. S

    PC Keeps Crashing

    Ok so I just built a $500-550 ish budget pc and I thought all the parts were fine together but whenever I start to play some demanding games like Fortnite, some time in my pc crashes. My screen freezes completely and my audio starts messing up. I’ve had this issue for a while and I need some...
  20. E

    Does an XFX Rx 550 2gb compatible with old systems?

    I just bought an Rx 550, Xfx ones, And i recently have some issue. Like my screen is flickering before the drivers were installed, and my screen is blinking even though all of the drivers were installed, with my old gpu (gtx 550 ti) all of it works fine. My system: Xeon L5410 modded @2.33ghz...