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  1. okjak808

    [SOLVED] Intel dz77re-75k????

    Hello everyone on tomshardware forums. I’m just really curious with the motherboard I’ve gotten a few months ago for about 90 dollars, an Intel dz77re-75k. Upon doing some research it’s not very known and not many are selling these boards online or even on eBay and even if there’s one on sale...
  2. Otodus

    Question Atari XC1411

    Hello everyone, recently I purchased a bundle to play around /fix up some Atari and Commodore computers, and among them there was an Atari XC1411 monitor. This is a rare prototype "sample" monitor that supposedly was for show at CES Las Vegas in 1985 (no clue why it's all the way nearly on the...
  3. Otodus

    [SOLVED] Rare Texas Instruments Games?

    Hello, I had a question for anyone who may know a bit more about Texas Instruments. Recently I found a small leather booklet with 4 pages mostly filled with special strips. Closer inspection led me to seeing that the backs may be readable like film, yet I don't know what they are or what they go...