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rattling noise

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  1. abid_hasan112

    Question Zotac RTX 2070 Super Making Noise

    Hello, I'm facing this issue with my graphics card. It's only 8 months old and this noise appears from one of the Fan. And note that this appears sometimes and sometimes not. If I touch the fan, it is gone. Have a look at this video I just captured: View...
  2. M

    Question RTX 3070FE slight rattle that comes and goes on right fan at 40rp?

    Hi, was wondering if I could get some advice? I get a very slight rattle on my right fan that comes and goes on my right GPU fan when at about 40rp. I contacted NVIDIA and they said that it is normal. I am just wondering what the heck it actually is? There are days when it doesn't make a sound...
  3. [SOLVED] Please help: PC makes rattling noise

    Hey all, My PC often makes a kind of split-second metallic rattling noise. That is the best way I can describe it. It is not exactly a clicking noise. Sometimes it does not happen for a while, and sometimes it happens like every 30 seconds or every few minutes. Here is a video. It happens in...
  4. G

    Question Rattling noise from GPU fans

    Hi there, I own a Zotac Geforce GTX 1080 AMP! Edition ( not extreme, but the one with 2 fans) and when the fans are between 78% and 95% there is a rattling noise coming from them ( the higher the percentage, the louder the noise) but between 0%-77% and 96%-100% it's gone. Why is there a rattling...
  5. Dwajin

    Question Rattling noise!!! Please help Rtx 2070 mini Zotac

    I noticed rattling noise when I changed my PC case from a generic cooler master case to MB511 RGB case . Whenever I press on the GPU firmly the rattling stops but after I leave it the noise starts again . Is there any fix please help me .
  6. AverageGamer24

    Question How to re-lubricate a GPU fan? and what Lubricant do you recommed?

    So I have an XFX RX 570 4 GB that I bought used (Probably was used for mining like pretty much all used GPUs on the market) a month ago, it's been working fine so far, I usually use it at 55% fan speed while gaming which is about 2200 RPM, but today I noticed that one of my fans (the front one...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Desktop computer fans making rattling noises

    This issue occurred just a few days ago when I started to hear these clicking rattling noise coming from my computer case. What does that mean and why or what is causing my computer case to create these rattling noise and sometimes it will go silent when it wants to. Recorded a short clip of...
  8. Chickenator

    Question My 6 years old Silencer MK II 750W PSU is making rattling noises, should i replace it

    Hi! My Silencer Mk II 750W PSU from PC Power & Cooling has recently started rattling. It's coming towards it's 6 year anniversary in a couple of months and so i have two questions i hope i could get some help with. First one and most important being: is it time to replace it? Secondly, is this...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] CPU fan rattling/grinding noise

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and I hope I did it in the right section. I've recently bought a new AIO cooler which is the Masterliquid ml240 r rgb. Lately the two fans have been doing a rattling/grinding noise when I play due to the increase in the amount of speed. I've looked up on...
  10. uran6800

    Question NZXT aer fans 120mm rattling sound?

    Hello Last week i bought a NZXT H400 case so only one of the pre-installed fans in the front is making a rratling sound on the startup when its on low RPM after a minute it stops and gets back to normal again. Can someone maybe help me or schould i consider to return it back? Thnks
  11. chaozzs29

    What gaming monitor to buy?

    Hi guys need some advise what gaming monitor to buy I have Ryzen 5 1600x with MSI GTX 1070, I am looking for a 1080p 24 or 27 inch with 144hz tn or ips or va panel gsync capable monitor. I came stumbling with this 5 monitors: 1. Asus PG248Q 24 in gsync 2. Asus XG27V 27 in freesync 3. Acer...