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    Question Razer Huntsman Elite issue ?

    Hello there i bought razer huntsman elite linear switches yesterday. I'm sure 2 usb connectors are connected to my working pc . I'm not using wrist rest. So the problem is when i press caps lock 7-8times continuously sometimes the led indicator won't light up always , it stucks. Anyone there...
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    Question Razer Blade Laptop Keyboard Not Responding

    Hello. I really need help on this issue. I’m writing here to today because the keyboard on my Razer Blade stopped working. After sending my Razer Blade to Razer for repair due to a bloated battery and damage caused to the motherboard due to the battery, I got my laptop back to me after 3 weeks...
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    Water cooler installation

    So, i bought this nox hummer h240 cl watercooler but somehow i cant seem to install it correctly on my asus m5a97 r2.0 motherboard. The socket is am3+ wich is compatible with the cooler. I tried following the instructions but no success... can anyone please give me a hand here? Thanks
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    Why is my hard drive showing a RAW drive?

    There are errors on the drive which need to be fixed. I tried the chkdsk F: /F and it told me it can't fix a RAW drive. I head over to disk management where it shows NTFS and not RAW. I recently did clean the interior of my case which involved removing 5 sata drives. I reseated the drive's...