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  1. afatpigeon

    Question Sudden mic quality drop:(

    Hi all, So. My headset is a Razer Kraken X. One day, I go onto my PC (I think it was after uninstalling drivers, but am not sure) and my mic quality was awful. It sounded demonic. 'Mic Boost' was on all the way, I turned it down. However, the quality of my voice is awful. Some words wont...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Headphone Jack on Blue yeti Not Working.

    Just today my Blue Yeti was acting up as when I plugged my headphone into my mic, I would only hear through my right ear. I thought I could just un-plug re-plug but that didnt work, I tried restarting my computer, it also didnt work. I tested my Blue Yeti mic with other headphones but still...
  3. B

    Remote access via Port 80 is not open

    I have xfinityTG862G modem (I have it bridged and do not use the router) and a dlink 880L stand alone router. My DDNS shows up and is active. I have all my ports, that matter, forwarded (I belive correctly). When I go into "canyouseeme" it says my port 80 is closed. Xfinity says they are not...
  4. W

    Best H170 ATX Motherboard for i5 6600.

    Asus,MSI,Gigabyte Prefered , I thought of getting H170 chipset for i5 6600. I heard B150 mobo is worth for non K i5 but H170 has some advantages i think. Does pro gaming has any advantage on gaming? My budget is 130$. Please Help Thanks
  5. JaredFrost95

    CORE and VRAM powered by same vrm?

    So I'm a noob, obviously... I've had decent luck finding appropriate clock speeds before overvolting. But here's what confused me. People say to overclock the core as much as you can first and then the VRAM... But if you do that, won't you be using all of the power since you pushed the limits...
  6. J

    I'm locked out

    I need some help I have a Toshiba satellite c655-s5082, and to make a long story short im locked out and when I turn it on I cant open bios or the boot manger and I only see a black screen with a blue rectangle with the words Enter Current Password, and nothing I type works. Thank you for your...
  7. 9

    Dud 780 Ti vs 980 upgrade. Is it worth it?

    Hello guys ... I am wondering If I upgraded a crappy clocking 780 Ti that has almost no OC headroom to a 980 and overclocking it how much I am going to get? Is it worth it? I am playing games at 1080p. And from what I've seen from videos on Youtube using the latest games Oced 980s wreck my 780...
  8. L

    Can I use and acer aspire E5 to program

    Im looking into laptops and I cane across the acer aspire E5 for 500 bucks but does it support unity 3D game maker