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    Massive default gateway pings when playing games.

    Hello, A few days ago I started noticing huge lag spikes whenever I would play games. I realised this problem was caused by my ping moving up into the 1000s at random intervals. The ping spikes are becoming more common, now to the point where every online game I have tested is completely...
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    Power Surge to my PC now no longer starting

    So recently I plugged in a HP Printer Laserjet fairly new and nothing wrong with it. Only the thing that had happened was I plugged it into the same wall socket just above where my PC is plugged in and my breaker was tripped. My witness claims to have seen "sparks" of some sort coming from my PC...
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    LGA115x to LGA775 heatsink fan mod (Question).

    Hello, As stated in the title, my main concern is whether it is possible for me to mod my LGA115x cooler onto my LGA775 motherboard seeming that I accidentally bought Be Quiet! Pure Rock Slim from someone on the online marketplace not knowing that it would not fit my motherboard (though I...
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    Question about hard drive

    Hey, i have 120GB SSD in my new PC. I have only 50GB left And in my old PC i have 250GB HDD with windows. Can i put it in my new Pc and use it as storage driver? How and what to do? Thanks.
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    Help me choose a laptop for everyday usage

    Greetings all! I am enrolling at a programming college at the end of the summer. I need a new laptop. It will be used mostly for internet browsing, some coding (the most intense app will be probably android studio), and some light graphics design (photoshop, illustrator). I thought about...
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    Bug with External Storage

    Hello I've a bug with my External storage. When I connect my disk the computer don't recognize it. It say that it is empty but when I connect it to my Phone it's OK. Please help me
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    Coax cable problem

    I have only one coax input on my wall and I need to it to connect to the WiFi and tv. Is there anyway the TV or modem can work without coax cable so o can connect it to only one
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    Looking for a PSU for my brother's build

    Just looking fro a cheap but reliable PSU for my brother, here is the spec list: I5 4460 1050 ti
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    High FPS > Low FPS

    Hello! One day I booted up my PC to play some PUBG & it turned on like normal & booted up like normal. But I launched PUBG & noticed immediately after getting into a match my framerate was extremely low. So I tested some other games & to my surprise they all ran very poorly (even Minecraft could...
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    ATX power supply would fit in Dell optiplex 960 DT Desktop case??

    in planning to install a new power supply and the problem is i don't know what size of power supply should i buy because my 255W AC255AD-00 Dell Power Supply have a different size than the normal power supplies and im afraid that the power supply that i will buy wont fit with my case... thanks :D
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    Gigabyte GTX 1060 HDMI port not working

    Hi, I have a problem with my new Gigabyte GTX 1060. The HDMI port doesn't send a signal to any of my TVs. DVI works fine. I had even sent the previous 1060 on RMA thinking it was a HDMI port problem after reading others having this issue online but the new one just arrived and same issue. I...
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    Curioused if I can upgrade my old PC

    Hi guys. I am curious if I can upgrade this old pc of mine. I would like to know if it's possible for me to upgrade my CPU without getting new motherboard or if I have to change both. So I write down my specs: GPU GeForce GT630 CPU Intel Pentium G645 2.90 GHz 4 GB RAM memory So this is how my...
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    Upgrade time, Ryzen Gen 2 system.

    I am upgrading my PC due to age and starting to get motherboard failures in the usb ports. I was looking to get Intel at first but then was pointed over to Ryzen. About two weeks is my purchase window with a budget about 1200 range and not buying a new monitor at the moment. I am in the...
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    Power Supply Connections Question for Graphics Cards

    I have a slightly older system with an i7 4770 and 2 660Ti's in SLI. My PSU went so I need to replace it. I have an unused Rosewill PSU (750W) I want to use, but the PSU only has 1 set of 2 6-Pin Connectors. My 660Ti's have two 6-Pin Connectors each. So I can power one of the cards off the...
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    my Acer laptop ES 15 won't turn on there is power on the motherboard but its still not turning on

    My Acer laptop ES15 won't turn on there is power on the motherboard but it's still not turning on
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    New GPU: Pc wont boot

    Hey guys ive bought a new gtx 1050 from msi for my pc the older card was a hd6450 2gb. My mobo is one from an acer aspire m3450 ive also bought a vs450. So when i boot up i hear the peep & i see the acer logo. But i cant boot into windows.
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    Monitor has no signal

    I just got a new desktop (Dell Optiplex 990) and was trying to hook it up when I noticed that my monitor did not have a DisplayPort connection which was what I needed to work with the Optiplex. So I bought an adapter. Still no signal though. I have tried everything I have seen on the various...
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    Order of partitions after cloning

    Short version: I am cloning all 4 partitions on a bootdisk to a new disk and I changed the order (1-100MB), (2-16MB), (3-57GB-WINDOWS), (4-1GB-RE-tools) to (1), (2), (4), (3). Is that OK? Long story: I cloned an eMMC 64GB disk to a 512GB M.2 SSD using this thread (Aomei backupper software)...
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    Pali Gtx 1060 StormX

    Hey, Im getting a new computer and the graphic card inside is the palit gtx 1060 stormx. Ive read about it and some people say that its no good, because it only has 1 fan. But my budget is already on the limit. Is it really a bad decision ? What do you guys think about the palit gtx 1060...
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    Installed new graphics card, getting lag

    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my RAM and graphics card and now I am getting lag in every game that I play that I never had before even on low settings. I don't think it is my internet connection because speedtest shows me having 7 ping. I removed the Invidia drivers I had before on my...