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  1. S

    fans rev up - screens go black no signal

    When I use my PC sometimes the fans rev up fast and the screen goes black so I have to manually reboot. There is no signal to both my monitors unless i manually reboot. Also it happen when im gaming or just browsing the web. My specs: GTX 1070 i7 7700k Msi pro carbon motherboard Corsair ram...
  2. I

    I hear voices?

    Hello First of all, this is my first time here and I don't know much of technology and I'm not a native English speaker (so expect mistakes). My problem is: I hear weird voices coming from my laptop speaker? Those are random signals that last about five seconds. I don't think it's English. The...
  3. H

    Best Video Card for Asus P8P67 Rev3.0

    Hi guys! I'm having trouble with my graphics card (turns off fo no reason when playing far cry 5)+ it's a bit old now So I'm thinking about changing it. Here's my rig (it's maybe 7/8 years old): MOBO - P8P67 LE Rev 3.0 CPU - Intel Core i5 2500K @3.3GHz CGU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti RAM -...
  4. L

    i5 3330 to Ryzen 5 1600

    Looking to upgrade to Ryzen 5 1600 from my existing i5-3330. I would mainly use this pc for gaming and some light multitasking. I'm hoping to be playing on VR on this pc too in the future. Is this upgrade worth it or should i aim higher ?
  5. H

    best windows for the pc

    hi, now i have a gtx 1050 ti and i5 6500 with 16gb ddr4 2133 mhz, in 2018 and for nextyears, which better to use for gaming and general tasks, windows 7 or windows 8.1 or windows 10
  6. A

    Ryzen 5 1500x build issues

    So I got a ryzen 5 1500x yesterday, with an Asrock ab350 pro 4 motherboard. I've updated the BIOS, and the system seems to be running fine, except for these issues: 1) I can't play any games, because as soon as the loading screen fades and the game starts up, the application just straight up...
  7. J

    Use wired and wireless connection same time

    I am curious if there's a way to use ethernet and wifi simultaneously to boost internet speeds. I have heard of people doing it before so I wanted to see if it's an actual thing.
  8. Pcstarter

    Need s new mini itx mobo for lga 1150

    I want to upgrade my mobo but i cant find any, i have an 4 gen i5 lga 1150 cpu and i need to find a new motherboard. I also live in europe so global shipping would be nice
  9. G

    i can't find the wifi on windows 10

    hello my wifi was working fine then suddenly it I couldn't use it even I reinstalled the driver
  10. S

    GPU Temp rises under gaming severely

    In my Task Manager, the moment a game opens, my GPU rises to 95% usage, which makes my visuals lag slightly. The GPU temperature in GPU-Z rises to somewhere between 85 and 95 degrees. I just cleaned out my computer, moved it to a new case and added a new PSU (Corsair CX750M), as I thought maybe...
  11. ajsski99

    Toshiba Satellite L300-2CP

    Hiya, I picked up a 2009 Toshiba Satellite and am using it as my first project as a Linux laptop. I've already upgraded the RAM to the max (4gb). looking to buy a cheap 120gb SSD also, but I was curious if a CPU upgrade is possible as the current Celeron T3000 is ok, but a little bit sluggish...
  12. M

    Problems with an SSD

    So I have a PNY CS1311 240GB. What's been happening is my computer will either blue screen, or from being booted up from being shut down it will just say there is no media press any key to restart etc. At first I thought the issue was with the SSD. But the way I've been fixing it is opening up...
  13. D

    i need help to portforward from my lan adapter to my usb lan adapter how to go about it im using windows 10

    so i want to port forward from my lan port of my laptop to my usb lan adapter im sharing the lan to the usb lan adapter but the ports wont open so what can i do to solve this advanced problem plz help me btw brige dous not fit my setup it work but im limited to do stuff i want
  14. S

    download direct 3d 9

    how to download direct device 9
  15. K

    What power supply will I need for these components

    Hi, I'm trying to strengthen my rig, and I was wondering what kind of PSU I would need for a rig that includes: Intel BX80684I78700K 8th Gen Core i7-8700K Processor EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SSC GAMING ACX 3.0, 4GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC) Graphics Card 04G-P4-6255-KR Corsair Vengeance...
  16. B

    Error trying to clone ssd

    I've been trying to clone a Samsung 120GB SSD to another that is 250GB using Samsung Data Migration software. I get an error - Cloning failed. An error occurred while reading the disk. 301001 [0497c9] I have also tried using macrium reflect free and it failed to write to the new SSD except for...
  17. Y

    Help with component compatibility 7820x build

    Hi Everyone, I'm building a PC after a long time and I would love get your comments on it. It's primarily for coding, web browsing and watching movies .(Often all at the same time :D). I don't plan on gaming, but I would like to have the option of installing something around the level of GTX...
  18. P

    Sapphire RX460 2gb OC Temp Range concern

    Hello, I am concerned about my GPU, Sapphire RX460 2gb OC. When I am playing GTA V it ranges from 60 to 70 degrees celsius when not air conditioned(Humid weather). Is it okay to be on that range? Because I recently applied new thermal solution. Running idle from 33-35 degrees Celsius? Or Because...
  19. M

    HDD to SSD?

    so i have the ASUS ROG G20CB 1080 and i would like to upgrade my HDD to a 1TB SSD. Is it possible and which SSD would you recommend?
  20. K

    My computer crashes and shuts down randomly

    Whenever I try to load a map in a game, my computer will crash and shut down like the power went out or something. The game doesn't crash, my computer doesn't freeze, it just shuts down and then restarts seconds later. I even tried to do a NovaBenchmark test to see what's wrong, and my computer...