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    My graphic card INNO3D GEFORCE GT 1030 cannot be detected by the motherboard/device manager.

    Background Recently purchased the graphic card (GT1030) for upgrade, but after install the graphic card on the motherboard and plugged in on with DVI on that card, the monitor shows nothing. There is a CD rom in the package, i try to use that to install the driver for GT1030 but it said the...
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    Casual method to clean a PC

    What is the best casual method to clean my pc without spend money?
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    My hard drive keeps failing? (i think)

    So my system has an SSD which I boot from and a WD Black 2TB HDD which I have for more storage space, and recently it has started dissapearing from disk manager and wouldnt get recognized by my whole system until I open up the pc, unplug the connections from the HDD, and reconnect them. Is it...
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    H5 Ult vs H5 Uni vs H7 vs Dark Rock 3

    I'm getting a new cooler (my Corsair H-60 is not doing the job) and I'm trying to decide between the CryoRig H5 Ultimate, CryoRig H5 Universal, CryoRig H7, and the be quiet! Dark Rock 3. I have a full set of Corsair Vengeance LPX ram so i shouldn't have any ram clearance issues right? Which...